I know I am; yup I am filled with it. Christmas spirit that is.
Filled with the love I have for God, family, and country. I am not ashamed to admit it is in that order also.
So what about you? Are you full of it?
Are you filled with the desire to do the right thing? Did you let the other folks have that parking spot at Wally world just in case they needed it more than you? Did you reach over and hand that stranger in line a coin or two to help make up the difference? Did you smile and thank that cashier for working so late, just in case someone needed a last minute something? Did you call that old buddy and check in?
Maybe you did something far more selfless, maybe even approaching sainthood. I don't know, but I'll bet you did something. Now the next question.
If you are full of it, what are you going to do with it tomorrow? Discard it once you've used it up? Put it away carefully for use next Christmas season?
Not me.
I'm gonna carry it around like the carefully guarded smoldering coal that traveled with my ancestors from camp to camp. Ready to bring it out and start a blaze of warmth and comfort, whenever it is needed just like they did. Now, sure they carried that smoldering jewel around to survive, but shouldn't we do the same? The Comfort and joy of Christmas spreads across all nations, governments,and languages. Why not carry it about all year long! We could propagate a world wide love of mankind. Is that not also key to our survival?
The birthday we celebrate on Christmas was not a single event, but the beginning of a journey that changed the world.
In other words, Christmas is 365 days a year!
This one is for you Mom, my thanks for teaching me all that you did.
You may never read this, but hopefully someone will.
Peace to you all, please remember who we are and why there are so many willing to give their lives to preserve it. I pray that every one of you is home next Christmas.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, just do it for someone else.



Another Thanksgiving is pretty much done. I hope ya'll had a heart warming day, I hope ya'll took a moment to be grateful.
Me; I am grateful everyday, and every night I take a moment to remember why. Sometimes it's cause I got home safe, sometimes it's cause one of my family did. Sometimes it's because I had a good day. Regardless of what happens I take a moment and thank God for the good that happened that day.
Now I sit here, happy for the time I got to spend at the table with friends and family. Yet, as I watch my wife, who worked so hard to make this day memorable, stumble off to bed I am reminded of my loathing for tomorrow.
Yup, it'd Black Friday folks and I have commented on this twisted international event since I started my little blog.
It rankles me. One year after my first comment, tragedy befell a retail worker in Long Island. There was an outcry, people were amazed, yet nothing changed.
Thanks to ISH I discovered that I was not alone. Ther are thousands of people who share my sentiment.
Buy Nothing Day is an international movement bent on taking back what is ours.
So what is ours? How about the right to relax? How about the right to be deprogrammed from the corporate wish that drives so many, to such extremes, in the hope of savings?
Send a message folks! Unemployment is up, personal debt is rising, yet the corporations that are being bailed out have increased their profits.
Stay home tomorrow, spend your much deserved time off with family and friends. Does that not seem more appealing than standing in line for some "today only" sales specials?
Don't worry, if the sales are down, there will be more. Capitalism will move on.
Oh sure, the economists will fret and worry. Dire market trends and doomsday predictions will prevail.
Maybe, just maybe, the government will get the message. The same government that talked so many into buying a new car, under the guise of economic recovery, will listen.
Yuh, the new car. Dealers sold the vehicles at maximum price and you got a rebate. What else did you get? Another day older and deeper in debt, that's what. You also get to pay tax on that rebate later on.
The big three posted record sales & profit, China got millions of pounds in recyclable steel at bargain prices, and our carbon footprint did not shrink one bit.
So please, stay home tomorrow, go for a walk, read a book, or a blog. Just don't do it! Don't buy anythimg.
It is time to make the government and corporate America know we are no longer duped by their hype.
It is time we started to drive this economy, instead of the other way around.
That's my spin.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, thanks for tuning in.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, just do it for someone else.


No Title

Yuh, I've been off the blogosphere for a bit.
Not totally, I have been reading my faves and thank you, to you all for keeping my spirits up.
I took a little break to focus on B-ball and my family. The family has been going through some trying times and support was needed. What are Dad's, husbands, and sons for if not support to those who count on them?
Then the CG1705 was lost and on it a very dear friend. Another guy who grew up in the guard alongside me, a brother rider,a and great human being. No more of his crazy giggle, no more of his honest "suck it up", no more of my friend Eaglet. One of the last of our circle still flying is now lost at sea. My heart and prayers to all the ones left behind by the crew of the 1705 and the two marines lost. My heart and prayers to the family of the missing mariner never found. I believe that they are all together now. I believe that I will see John again. I must believe this, I must cling to this. Otherwise I fear that I would lose all purpose.
Purpose folks. it is what we all must have. That coupled with faith will help us all bear many burdens and many challenges. God gives us all talents, he gives us all challenges suited to these talents. It is our responsibility, nay, our duty, to apply these gifts to all that we do.
I am melancholy today, I have been for many days.
Basketball with the kids has kept me hopeful and given me strength. Coaching along side my son has put joy in my heart.
I do not know why I have jumped back into the blog, I have wrestled with this for weeks. Maybe is was the call-out first thing this morning. Maybe it was standing next to a neighbor as he looked down at his father. Maybe it was listening to the call saying the ambulance would not be needed any more. I don't know.
Soon my son will be of to boot camp and a life of adventure. Soon he will place himself in harms way for the good of us all. I pray I will not add him to my good night list, I pray the lord will not bring him home to heaven to soon. I am so proud, yet so fearful. He is the only son I have left, perhaps that is selfish of me, but it is honest.
Please watch this video it does nine heroes honor.
BTW Mr. President; your lack of comment at the memorial did not go unnoticed.I am not happy with you, but I will write on that later. As for the Media, shame on you for letting this tragedy be 3rd page news. More on that later also.
Good night Eaglet, you died as you lived. Tell the gang I will see them again.
Peace to you all.



Then again....
Across from the city pier Oct. 10th.
Otherwise the state crew did a great job cleaning up the mess.



For us locals, today is a day full of opportunity.
So get out there folks!
Quit your bitchin' and exercise the right and responsibility we Americans all have.
Oh yeah, if you got some kids. take them along! Show them how important it all is.



I love this state, and in case you haven't noticed I love this country. Alaska is a state full of contradictions. The climate is more varied than any other state. In one day we can see snow and freezing temps, rain and hurricane force wind, or even warm gentle sunshine.
We are a state that passionately defends our rights for subsistence hunting & fishing, yet we allow parts of the government to exploit our resources in areas where it might negatively impact the future of our fisheries. We will drill for oil, but not scrape for copper. We are a mostly republican state, yet we have a democrat in the house, any many more in the state and local seats. We bitch about the government, yet we have the highest percentage of government employees in the nation. I did the math, it may be off a tad, but my ciphering comes up with approx 23%!
Yet another contradiction, as one of the coldest states we eat more ice cream per capita than any other state in the union.
Ok so many of these things most of you folks probably already knew.
So how about this one? We have a democratic senator who is a blue ribbon member of the NRA. He has sponsored bills that protect our rights and fought against legislation that would take them away. Senator Mark Begich used to be a member of a little group called M.A.I.G.. That stands for Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Mr. Begich quit that group, in fact he was the fourth member to so. Apparently MAIG is not what it seems. When I heard about them my initial reaction was positive. Then I dug a little deeper. These folks have some deep financial pockets, AKA New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, supposedly he has poured over 3 million dollars of his own money into this little group. Illegal guns? LETS GET RID OF 'EM; YOU BETCHA!. Unfortunately that is not what this lobby group is all about. Their agenda steps far beyond illegal guns. They would do away with all private gun transactions. That's right folks, no more gun shows, no more great deals from your buddy, and worst yet; no more leaving your guns to your kids.
So here is the real irony folks. The mayor of the city of Kodiak is a member of this little group. Our own Carolyn Floyd is a member.
Not only that, she is the only member from our great state. I mean come on, even our democratic senator realized that these folks offer nothing our community needs or desires.
I must ask you madam mayor, is this not the biggest contradiction in our state?
How can you be the political leader of a community that generates so much revenue from gun related activities? Come on! We are one of the premier hunting and adventure destinations in the world. Yet you belong to an organization that lobbies to make gun ownership a thing of the past.
I urge Ms. Floyd; research this group you signed on with. I would hope that once you realize what their real agenda is, you too will leave them. Follow our senators lead. We named a library after you for cryin' out loud. It is a place for study and research, something you should have done before you joined these folks in trying to lobby away our right to keep and bear.
Think about this one folks. Question the mayor. I am not an advocate of illegal anything, but M.A.I.G. is a misleading moniker for a group of anti-gun zealots. It does not seem appropriate that the Kodiak City Mayor be a member.
So please madam mayor review your membership in MAIG. I would think you would resign after that, but if you're not going to then I think you owe Kodiak an explanation.
Ms. Floyd you have done many great things in this community, but this is not one of them.
Ask hard questions folks and demand real answers.
peace ya'll



I pulled this vid off the net. After searching for any new tributes I realized that they are few and far between. So I figured that maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to forget what events led to this day of remembrance and service.
It is not a happy video folks. There are no words to the music. That seemed fitting, as no words can describe the emotions I felt that day. Maybe that is why, all the while later, this one made me cry in my coffee.
Please watch this. Hopefully you can sit with some one you love while you do so.

This morning at 0755 I will be attending the memorial service at the USCG base flag. I have not heard of any other memorials on the island. If you cannot attend, please take that moment and bow your head, Remember the 2976 reasons why this day must never, ever be forgotten.
Peace to all. Thank you to all who serve, and love to the families who make it possible for them to do do.


Better than drugs.

My buddy, Daytona Karl, sent me this video.
In my past life I have raced dirt track, motocross, and off-road. I have jumped motorcycles and the occasional 4X4 over and across many things, (not always successfully).
This video blew me away.


Summers over ?

Happy Labor Day folks. It looks like the Big Guy is granting us one beautiful weekend to get out and enjoy the Fair & Rodeo. The silvers run is pickin' up, and the Dolly Varden are fatter than the wallet of a career politician. The big bucks are still sitting up high on the hill, but if you're willing to bust your butt and beat your way through some some seriously thick alders you might just find one. Granted the big ones are scarcer than an honest congressman, but they are out there. So good hunting,(for either), if you choose.
For many this weekend means that summer is over. Pick up the croquet sets, put away the badminton gear, and hang up the summer whites. One last barbecue, one last weekend at the beach, and for some that one last long drive out to the country.
Now a lot of this doesn't really apply to those of us in the great State of Alaska, especially here at the homestead. I mean come on! This is my favorite time of year. Goat, deer, and moose season has started, not to mention Ptarmigan. The silvers are fast and furious, Dollies are fat and sassy, late season halibut is kickin' in, and oh yeah duck season is right around the corner. The added bonus is that most of the touristas have migrated back to the lesser 48. YEEEHAAA!!
However; tonight as I sit by the bonfire with a glass of Ben's finest brew, I will remember how we got here and the sacrifices that were made for so many. Many of us forget that a whole lot of Americans were injured, jailed, and even killed in the quest for laborers rights. This holiday does not just recognize the American laborer, it also honors those whose sacrifice made it all possible.
Check this out:

The irony here folks is this.
Today the government is taking over large pieces of business. The American wage is at the lowest percentage of the GOP since the forties, while American corporate profit is booming. Jobs are being out sourced and mechanized to the point where working is fast becoming a privilege rather than a right. Now, the current administrations answer is more government jobs! Is our future to be a population that works for the government, pays their taxes, only to fuel the perpetuation of a service based society? A society of cared for, content, and dependent citizens? Gosh I hope not.
More irony.
What did the Kodiak City Council do just this week? They voted to hire an outside firm to explain to the residents the pros & cons of collective bargaining. That means Union folks and the government are fixing to roll up their sleeves and start the propaganda battle. Granted, they are promising it will be an unbiased campaign. GIMME A FREAKIN' BREAK ALREADY! The city is not in favor of unionization, do they think we are so naive that we would believe that? I am fairly confident the pro-union propaganda will be biased towards their desires, so why not the city's? The honesty issues aside, why are we paying for it? 40K of our tax money is going to help the city explain why unions are bad. Now granted I am not a city resident, but I do contribute to the city's coffers on a regular basis. Shoot my contributions at the local brewery probably filled in at least a couple of potholes last year. To throw salt in the wound for us dwelling outside the city, when the mud has settled we won't even get to vote on it! That's right; an issue that will impact every resident of this island will only be voted on by a portion of the citizens. That smacks of taxation without representation doesn't it? I seem to recall night the City Mayor said ( about the Near Island Police Station), to just build the thing, because the residents don't know what they want. How did that work out madam mayor?
Lastly, the Borough Assembly decided to place a State project at the top of the capitol projects list! More jobs, good faith and a lot of horse pucky came out to justify that one folks. Never mind the schools, never mind the shelters, nope let's suck up to a state that won't even fund their own jail. Why? In the hope that a couple of new jobs will be produced? News flash folks, the construction will most likely be contracted to an off-island crew. The state will probably hire no more than a handful of new folks, or they will transfer in some off-islanders. Either way I do not foresee to many Kodiakians getting permanent employment out of this one.
Think about it.
I want to thank every single person who fought and/or died in the effort to protect the American Laborer. Have a great weekend folks, but when it's over; ask hard questions and demand real answers.
One last question.
My two typing fingers hurt like the dickens.
Yet I must ask
How long does the fox guard the hen house,
before we ask,
where the heck are the chickens?
Peace ya'll


Dear Mr. President

After a great day of chasing salmon, I went to the Hot August Nights celebration the other night and what a blast! There were five cars, three motorcycles, and a handful of pretty good bands. If you didn't go, your loss. If you left that hot rod sitting in the garage, again, your loss.
So any ways it was after the show that a series of events led me to write this letter.
Dear President Obama,
I was arrested last night while on the way home from a car show. I assure you that I really did nothing wrong, in fact my initial actions were induced by my attempt to save the life of a harmless creature from our wonderful island.
I was leaving the bonfire at the show when a medium size Kodiak Brown Bear crossed the road in front of my hot rod. While swerving to avoid it, I might have crossed the double yellow line because the night air was split by the careening siren of a police car. The darkness was intermittently illuminated in red's and blues as the car's strobes flashed to life.
Assuming that the officer had somewhere important to be, I pulled off to the side immediately. Imagine my surprise when so did the police car!
I got out of my rig to see what was wrong, only to be told, via loudspeaker, to get back in the vehicle and place my hands on the steering wheel. Being a law abiding citizen, I promptly turned about and headed back. Unfortunately I tripped on a rock,( our island is full of them), and slammed into the side of my car.
I got back in the car and waited as instructed.
When the officer walked up I could not help notice that she was kinda pretty for a gal wearing a gun, but I tried to focus on the problem at hand.
She asked where I was coming from and going to. I told her about the cool cars and that I was Flats bound.
Looking at my license,, she finally asked the inevitable question. " Are you Irish then Griff?". I politely asked why that mattered. The question that followed, summed it all up, and I realized how much trouble I was in. "You been drinking tonight have you?", she queried. I admitted to a glass of wine at dinner, and added that I felt like I was being profiled due to my ethnic background.
She whipped open my door and asked me to get out of the car. My waders (I was still wearing them from earlier, I mean you know how comfy they get once they're broke in), caught on the edge and I stumbled out of my rig.
Fortunately the officer broke my fall, I don't know if she meant to, but she did. Unfortunately in an effort to stabilize my gravitational decline, I reached out in reflex and grabbed the closest thing to hand. Yup, I grabbed the officer, somewhere in the vicinity of her badge and name tag.
Oddly, rather than helping me stabilize myself. she accelerated my descent to the gravel and followed it up with a healthy dose of bear spray.
As she put the cuffs on me. I swear, Mr. President, I heard her say " another drunken Irishman".
So that's the story,and it's true. I mean you couldn't make this stuff up right?
Later I explained this to the Judge, and through the tears in his eyes,( I really appreciate his empathy BTW), he dismissed all charges. Thank goodness.
So that said, here's the problem.
I feel that after being profiled, harassed, and yet exonerated for simply trying to get home, a bridge has been burned that only you can rebuild. After hearing what you did for that poor Harvard professor, I believe only your intervention will help mend the rift this has created on our island and in turn save our community from the evils of ethnic profiling.
So how about it then? You, me, and the arresting officer have lunch at the White House,at the taxpayers expense , unless of course, you want to pay for the airfare.
Save the Bud Light though. I'll bring some Palin Pale that you're gonna love.
You Betcha!
Peace Ya'll


Today is Coast Guard Day folks. So happy birthday to all the Coasties, past and present, active and retired. Thank you for all you do, have done, and will do.
As for me; well I have never worked with a finer bunch of hooligans in my life.
So check out this link, and this one, and even this one! Then lastly there is my favorite.



I get it!!

I think I figured it out. I have been reading volumes of blogs, and commentaries that condemn, ridicule, and some just plain mean, about our soon to be departed governor.
Why are there folks beating this lame duck to death?
What's the darn point? Call it what you want, political suicide, opportunism, quirkiness, or just plain crazy, but the Palinator is no more.
What amazes me is how many non-Alaskans are spewing this anti-Palinistic rhetoric. Why do they care?
The Girl in Homer has become famous. Mainly due to her relentless crusade against Palin. However; she is an Alaskan and has been avid non-fan of Sarah from the beginning. In all fairness to Shannyn I will admit I enjoy the blog. She writes well and is well informed. However; the comments she gets are usually self righteous, party touting blanderings. They are also from mostly lesser 48 residents. Other blogs and commentaries share the same supporters.
Again, why??
Here's the rub.
They fear her. They fear the very idea of her. Like it or not the Palinator has garnered a lot of fans and support down south. Whether she tosses her name back in the Republican ring, or lands on one of the networks, her impact on American politics could be significant.
But it won't be, as a two time quitter she has sealed her fate.
Then why is there more Sarah in the news than Arnold? Californians are in a severe crisis situation, yet not many are raking him over the coals. Probably because he is not a natural born citizen; therefore not a political threat on a national level.
So this group of Democrazies has formed a political bucket brigade and they continue to dump more water on a fire already gone out. Flooding the ashes of Sarah's political career in fear of a Phoenix arising from the ruins.
Relax folks, it ain't gonna happen. Let it go and move on. Like the dog from Aesop, she dropped her bone in hopes of a better one and got neither.
She's done, gone, kaput.
Just a thought.
Peace ya'll


No parties here...............

A good friend down south sent me this video. Not too long after he retired from military service he joined an outfit known as the Patriot Guard. These folks have a great hobby. Whenever there is a military funeral in the local chapters area, they suit up, hop on their bikes, and escort the fallen soldiers procession. Then they form a silent, human wall around the ceremony. All this is in an attempt to peacefully prevent protesters from interrupting the service or harassing the participants. It seems hard to believe, to me anyways, that these services would ever be needed, but they are.
Crazy world huh?
So anyways, he sent me this video and I want to share to with my small group of followers. When your done, wipe your eyes, then try to remember how many liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans you saw. The if you have a number, please send it on down. As for me, no parties there at all just Americans. I might poke a little fun at our countrymen down south sometimes, but Georgia, ya'll got it right this time.

Thank you Ray-Ray, we will ride together again some time. Miss you Bro.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, and do it for somebody else.



Happy birthday folks!
That's right it's a holiday every American shares, and we share it with no other nation in the world. It does not matter what your color, creed, ethnic background, or political belief is. Shoot you don't even have to be born here to celebrate. You just gotta be a citizen.
Enjoy it folks, revel in it, take pride in a country that set the precedence for freedom world wide.
Today let's all step off our collective soapboxes, let's get off our apathetic behinds, wipe the blue or red paint off our faces and collectively thumb our noses at the rest of the planet.
That's right; screw them if they want to criticize! We live in in the greatest country there is. Millions have died and suffered to maintain and protect the truths we hold self evident! Nations world over have struggled and striven to emulate what our founding fathers accomplished.
So today; put aside the petty politics, the personal agendas, and just be an American.
Be proud, give honor to the generations who built this great nation.
Follow the title link and learn more.
Peace, life, liberty, and pursue freedom ya'll.

Nobody did it better.........



Only a politician could upstage Independence Day.
Click on the title for the speech.
So now everyone knows the Palinator is stepping down.
What we don't know is the reason behind the decision.
This is not the first time Sarah has resigned a position for the "good of Alaska".
Check out the similarities from January 2004. The Juneau Empire has two good articles on the resignation also.
So while all the, left of center, do gooders are doing the happy dance and patting each other on their self righteous backs, and the right handed side of the road is weeping and pulling their hair, the rest of us should step back and think.
What's next? What will Sean Parnell do as our new governor? Will Alaska woo Sarah back? After all it's not an official resignation yet and she could change her mind.
Where will she resurface? When will Alaskans stand together for Alaska and quit the petty party politics?
Just some stuff to chew on folks. Have a great Independence Day, and please don't set anything on fire.


Something to think about...............

Yes I believe in equal rights, and yes I believe in the right to bear arms.
I just think it is ironic and somewhat hypocritical that the majority of the same group that wants to give choice and acceptance to so many, wants to restrict the rights of so many others.
That said............





Breaking news folks!
Looks like the world -wide recession has hit a new low.
TORONTO - Beer maker Molson is turning off the tap and cutting off the supply of free suds to its retirees, the Toronto Star reported on Tuesday.

Molson, a division of Molson Coors, said it was looking to "standardize" its complimentary beer policy.

There are 2,400 Molson retirees in Canada and their free beer costs the company about C$1 million ($900,000) a year, the Star said.

Molson retirees in the province of Newfoundland will see their monthly allotment of beer fall from six dozen a month to zero over the next five years.

Current workers will see their allotment drop from 72 dozen bottles a year to 52 dozen.

"There was no consultation, we just received a letter that this is a done deal, which is totally unfair," Bill Bavis, who retired six years ago after 32 years at Molson's in St. John's, Newfoundland, told the Star. "I think with the economic downturn they're trying to take advantage of us, as a way to cut retirees' benefits and justify it."

Unions have launched grievances in Montreal and Vancouver, where the allotment is less.

A spokesman for Molson said the company feels it still has a very generous benefits package

I mean, really, what else has to be suffered before the world leaders turn this train around?
My sympathies to those affected.

I remember those daze,(vaguely).

Need a laugh?
I know I do. So check this out. It might be the best Joe Cocker video ever.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks!



OK folks, enough is enough and I've had me fill.
I took a nice little break (again) from the blogoshpere due to travel, golf, great weather, and a son returned home.
However; this new media frenzy has drug me back into the arena. That and a few cups of java on a slow morning. I will try to be brief, but this one is tough.
On my recent journeys I was able to indulge in a habit I have mostly foregone. Watching network/cable television is something our household gave up on several years ago, but while I am on the road, it is an indulgence that kills time.
This trip I focused on news media; both sides. I say both sides, because there is no middle ground with these folks. Probably because the middle does not sell ad space, and please never forget that this is really what it is all about.
I love to listen to the "experts" on either side of any issue the media spins. Lately, global warming has become the catch phrase for a new generation of environmental doomsayers. While there is actually a growing group in scientific circles that think we may be at he beginning of a cooling stage, that gets little media attention.
So what else was on the plate? Pick a subject, from Christian fundamentalist terrorism to the latest celebrity tragedy, and every commentator was able to spin these things, trivial or not, into high impact, thought provoking , investigative journalism. One thing I did notice though; the rules have changed. Apparently it is Ok for the more liberal side to name-call, stereotype, and profile folks they do not agree with. In other words the left hand side of the media has taken the low road.
I will use the latest media/blogosphere whirlwind to illuminate my point.
Shannyn Moore, Gryphen, and even Wolfe Tone, have jumped into the arena with Letterman and Palin. Of the three; I agree with Wolfe the most. Our Governor needs to think before she speaks, especially when sitting in an arena filled with professional speakers.
Many months back, just after the V.P. debacle, I pleaded with the Palinator to either learn those very words, listen to her handlers, or hire better writing staffers. She is a passionate person, on that I think we can all agree. So we must be careful of what we ask for. Think about this. What if the Guv did become a more methodical and thoughtful speaker? What if this taught her that passion, countered with patience and planning are truly formidable?
You might end up with a small force of nature and a political power that would be hard to reckon with. So; again, be careful what you wish for.
Back to the late show / Palinator battle.
Dave Letterman is a professional television personality with a staff of highly successful writers and researchers.
Sarah Palin is not.
Mr. Letterman makes his living of off humor and sarcasm, politicians and political commentary are his bread and butter.
Governor Palin is a fledgling professional politician, the perfect fodder for the likes of Letterman, and other media professionals. Not good for her and not good for our state.
Mr. Letterman's comments about Willow were in poor taste and should outrage every Alaskan. Not because she is Sarah's daughter,but because she is an Alaskan. Even if his apology states that he was referring to a slightly older Bristol, it is still wrong! These kids are not celebrities or politicians to be picked on, they are children and residents of our great state and we, as Alaskans should take affront; period. They are not part of the show in the coliseum, they were dragged into the arena by a media we give far to much forgiveness to.
Mr. Letterman's apology was well put. It was also probably written by other professional writers with a slew of lawyers sweating over their shoulders and wringing their hands. Our Governors response should not be looked at as a gubernatorial reply. It should be seen as it is. A mothers reply countered with the burden of being the administrative leader of the greatest and most misunderstood state in the union.
So as a parent, (something a lot of these commentators are not),what would you do? Palin's comment about Mr. Letterman did not make me think she called him a pedophile. In fact it was the interviewer who jumped on that wagon. Her next reply is what it was, a person who is angry and smart enough to try and end a conversation that is going down the wrong road. However; like the predators they can be, this interviewer kept tugging at her Achilles heel, until like that winter caribou, Palin fell to the pack.
I would never expose any 14 year old to a professional media entertainer, on national television in such a potentially damaging situation. Really, folks, what if Letterman used this opportunity to sky rocket his ratings in attempt to offset the new Late Show king? Why not? No matter what he said the world will forgive him if he just apologizes right? What potential, and permanent damage could be afflicted upon this child after such a humiliating event? What if that 14 year old took affront and said something that could potentially damage her family, her mothers career, or even the skewed perception the lower 48 has of our state and our people. Duh folks, it's lose - lose. Would any of you parents out there, willingly drag your child (of any age) into an arena filled with professional gladiators? Would you throw a baby seal into a pod of Orcas just to watch the show? Get over it then!
Sarah Palin made the right choice as a parent. Sure, as a public figure she needs to polish her skills, but it was still the responsible choice.
For once folks, don't be a democrat,republican, independent, or any other political affiliate. Be an Alaskan and take pride in that. See this for what it was, not what they want you to see.
This rant may not win many fans, but it needed to be said. Only Ish has remained quiet on this one, and perhaps that is why he is king.
My rant is run and I am spent. This took far to long to vent.
Love and prayers to the Pickett family, your loss is a loss for the entire neighborhood.
Ask hard questions, folks, and demand real answers.


One last thing..........

It's been around a while, but it still gets me every time.
I hope you all had a great weekend, I hope you all paused at 300pm today.
As for me, well I'm off to A-town again.

Good night Dwayne, goodnight Tom, goodnight Dave, I miss you guys.


What are you doing this weekend?

Amidst the parades and barbecues, speeches and commemorations these folks will continue on.
"The orders remain unchanged" are the only words they will speak.
Please checkout this video tribute.
The Sentry stands guard 356 days a year, 24 hours a day. There is no bad weather, no holidays, no excuse to leave the tombs vacant. There is only devotion and honor.
So tomorrow at 300pm, stop what you're doing, and honor the fallen. Pray for the ones they left behind, and be grateful for what their loss has provided us all.
Regardless of what the media,some oratorically challenged politicians, and wannabe celebrities say;be proud to be American, and if not, then at least be proud those who did not return were.
God bless them all, God bless you, and God Bless America.



Happy Memorial Day weekend folks. I gotta run, I'm off to the Crab/Gale Fest for some community service time at one of the booths. Should be fun.
I hope every one remembers,( and participates) for the National Moment of Remembrance. It's at 1500 (that's 300pm) this Monday. Please join in, let the neighborhood honor all those who made it possible to enjoy our freedoms.
I came across another Alaskan blogger worth checking out. Drop by Wolfe Tone. I am not sure if his moniker is about a great Irish band, or our states creature of controversy. Either way it is a good read.
Enjoy Crab Fest, and do something good for someone else today.



It's graduation day here on the rock. For so many students of KHS it is the end of years of struggling to achieve goals, and the beginning of a new life. My congratulations to all of you. My heart goes out especially to Chris T., Tim S., Jake K., & Robert L. I have watched you all grow and I hope you all achieve your goals.
I would ask all of the graduates to remember your community. This afternoon as you walked out of that auditorium with your fistful of diploma, scholarships, or maybe just that feeling of accomplishment you all have earned; remember this community.
Revel tonight, revel tomorrow, revel all the way through CrabFest, then prepare for the next step.
I have no idea where the roads ahead of you will lead you. I do know, if you hold in your heart, the spirit of this community, then you will be far ahead of the pack.
Never forget the island you grew up on. The potlatch fundraisers, the community cleanup every spring, and the seemingly endless other fund raising events you partook in. Never lose that desire to help your neighbor. It is what makes this island, your home, so magnificent.
No matter where you go, people will always be amazed when they find out where you are from. I ask you; do not regale them with tales of bears, and whales. Sure throw that in, if only to try and describe the beauty of this isle. Rather tell of the times your family and friends went out in the middle of the storm to help a neighbor, of the times the community rallied to help finance the costs of a neighbor in dire straits. Show them the beauty of a true neighborhood, where volunteers are the norm and not the exception.
In your travels, teach all those around you the beauty of Kodiak. The giving, the caring, and the partisanship that makes us what we are; Kodiakans.
Show the world that people can really make the difference.
Good luck to you all, God bless you all.
Prosecutus vires quod diligo
Do the right thing, and not just for yourself.
Peace ya'll


Take a Big Deep Breath

Another way of saying WHOA!, pause and think on it some. It's also my favorite comment to any family member of friend who is either spooled up or about to make a big decision. It is also what I did after the last entry on this little blog. I vented, and ya'll read it, and I am done with it for now.
The duck tragedy pictured above is a case in point. maybe had momma duck taken that big deep breath she might have noticed that odd piece of pavement and gone around.
The hapless duck photo is not just another fowl tragedy. It is also a lesson on leading and being led. Our leaders must recognize that a percentage of Americans will follow, simply because they are programmed to. Just like those po' little ducklings. As American citizens we must also take that big deep breath, pause and look about, before we blindly head down the path and into disaster.
The momma duck can represent any one in your life, Obama, Palin, the assembly, your clergy, even your parents or friends. Whomever is leading the parade can be nearly irrelevant if the followers are paying attention.
Remember the marching band in the parade in that classic movie Animal House?
Don't be them folks.
Ask hard questions; expect and demand real answers.


Off the radar

Yep, that's where I've been. During the Lenten season I decided to keep my head down and my opinions to myself. Not an easy task, but one worth doing. In my time of spiritual cleansing I also decided that I would not raise my voice except in cases of immediate danger. All went well, Easter has come and gone, winter is starting to let go it's icy grip, so I am back.
When I noticed that I had dropped off the sidebar at the mighty KoKon I realized it was now or never, but once you step off the radar it can be difficult to jump back on the screen. So much has happened, so many things to comment on. Where to start and where to end? Now that I have changed my oil, so to speak, what path will I take my readers on.
I still need to sort some of that out , but for now here's this.
To Mr. Obama:
I took offense at your words over seas. Telling a mostly Muslim nation that the U.S.A is not a Christian nation was nothing more than sucking up to a group of people that have little to no effect on the success of your regime. Denying our christian based heritage is no different than telling the world that we are not a democracy because we have socialists and communists as citizens. It is our christian basic belief in acceptance that lends to the diversity allowed in this great nation. Oh yeah, BTW, I didn't here you telling anyone over there you didn't consider them a Muslim nation. Perhaps you realized that there were not enough body guards in your 500 person rock star, wannabe entourage.
To Ms. Napolitano:
WTF? The CIA reports that there is a possible terrorist threat from veterans and you choose to publicly condone it? For cryin' out loud, have you looked around your new office lately/ Do you have any idea how many veterans are working in the DHS? I don't give a rats behind if you have some deep emotional scar from serving on the prosecution team of McVeigh or not. Why don't you tap on the shoulder of that limo driver we pay to cart your left-wing butt around and ask him who he thinks are the real threat. Better yet why don't you have him disarmed just in case?
It wasn't veterans who blew up abortion clinics several years ago, and it's usually not veterans spiking trees and blowing up animal research centers either. In case you haven't noticed a large percentage of DHS employees are veterans, so I have a good idea Ms. Napolitano, bite your lip and go stand in the corner and think about the results of your words. Better yet, why not starting writing on the board, " I will think before I speak", cause I bet your boss would love to see that.
Along the lines of extreme left ideas, check out the new bill coming up the pike. It's called the Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, and you can read it at open congress.org. Someones keeping this one real quiet and for good reason. I highly recommend you read it, and contact your elected officials immediately.
One more thing for our president:
I had high hopes for you sir, but the majority of your actions so far have been disappointing. The candidate who promised aisle crossing, bridge building political progress has surrounded himself with hardcore, left of the road, old school democrats who favor their agenda over the nations. You must realize that even though there are different parties and ideas in this great nation, most citizens are not left or right, but simply in the middle. Listen to them, take their counsel, and watch your cabinet closely. Good luck sir, you will need it.
In closing:
For the borough assembly:
Rural curbside pick-up is bad. I don't care about the RFP, I don't care about the cost. This rant has run to long, (I really need to eat before I slam a lot of java), so I will present my spin on the SWAB next time.
Until then; do the right thing folks, just do it for someone else.


Sometimes ya get it right

Some times ya don't.
My apologies to the mighty Ishmael over at the KoKon. In hopes of shedding light and inspiring debate, I completely re-wrote history.
I thank Ish for his graciousness and the history lesson. I will admit that parts of my past are a little fuzzy. I blame that on many blows to head, followed with beer instead of aspirins. Back then I was chasing around the planet looking for bad guys and doing what the current president ordered. Things were busy and tend to get a little blurry at that pace.
President Clinton did in fact bomb parts of Iraq, but only after much consideration and patience. He did in fact investigate Iraq and terrorist ties, and did make the top ten list for presidents.
There I have eaten my well deserved slice and will move on.
Hat's off to Prez Obama for shutting down the Transportation Secretaries crazy and Orwellian tax plan. They really are looking into this "Big Brother" plan on state levels and most citizen's are in an uproar.
I am glad the prez stopped this one, but it proves that this administration bears watching. Well they all do, but when a group is this popular, then can get away with a lot before the nation wakes up. Doubt it? Think about some of the shenanigans from the past eight years.
My point is this. Do not get caught up in the wave of change. It will assume Tsunami like proportions and can destroy more than it created. Then in a typical two-party democratic attempt to fix things we will pull the handle and change the water. Thus we will create the new next wave of change, when in reality all we seem to accomplish is adding to the septic system.
That's all I got folks.
Do the right thing today, and do it for somebody else.



Valentines Day that is, so have a happy one. I am hoping that maybe this, greeting card company generated, holiday will inspire our new national administration. Then they will "step out of the box" with new and exciting solutions to our nations financial dilemma.
Think about it folks. New holidays to help fix our problems.
Hmmm... maybe a national fix your own neighborhood's road day. Millions of people will storm the do-it-your self store, generating millions in sales, spawning massive retail rehires, and fixing the roads at the same time!
How about National write to your politician day? If everyone one of us wrote e letter to our congressmen and senators, and mailed them on the same day, stamp sales rise dramatically. This one action alone could save our postal system, thus ensuring employment for thousands of postal workers! Take it one more step and cut another executive order that forces our politicians to read each and every letter personally, and we might actually see some responsible choices made.
Seem a little crazy to expect one person to read all that mail. Might not when you consider that president Obama kinda expected the same thing when he dropped a third of the Amazon rain forest down on the congress and senate and then pushed for the vote in a week or two. Yup, the trimmed down stimulus package is 1070 pages long.
Reality is that most of the folks, if not all, voting on this package, will not have read it all. Obama seems kind of like that car salesman that wants you to commit to that used car before it warms up and reveals all the little problem it really has.
How about this solution? Lets make Valentines Day a national holiday! Then every one can go home, with government encouragement, get all romantic with your significant other and maybe start an annual baby boom. This will eventually swell the ranks of tax payers, so that they can help pay for this fantastical program. in other words our grandchildren can pay for our mistakes and apathy. Oops, they already will.
Maybe the President can follow Guv Ahhnold's lead and just send everyone home, without pay. Then take away our tax returns and let us contemplate how this must be our fault and seek ways to make fat cat politicians happier and more comfortable.
I would have a lot more sympathy for the new prez if he had not surrounded himself with people that were part of the problem to begin with. So what will he do? How do you cross party lines when all your backers and administrators are hard core party liners?
Will you become Peggy or Viola? Happy with one hard earned and deserved valentine gaining a reputation to be proud of? Or will you sell your ideals and scoop all the those pretty "we love you" cards, thus earning your place next to Peggy and the majority of most professional politicians.
Watching this would be more fun than going to Vegas, if the consequences weren't so harsh for Joe & Josephine citizen.
Ask hard questions folks and expect real answers.
Peace ya'll


Brass monkey weather ?

Ok so maybe we don't get as cold as the mainlanders, but hell that's part of the reason I live here. When I step outside and I can feel every bone I ever broke, and every piece of metal installed in me; then it is freakin' cold!
Nuff' about me. Here's a little chunk of Nautical trivia to teach the kiddies.
From back when men were made of steel and ships were made of wood.
On the old warships it was necessary to keep a good supply of cannon balls near the cannon. How to prevent them from rolling about the deck
was the problem. The best storage method devised was to stack them as
a square based pyramid, with one ball on top, resting on four, resting
on nine, which rested on sixteen. Thus, a supply of 30 cannon balls
could be stacked in a small area right next to the cannon.
There was only one problem; how to prevent the bottom layer from
sliding/rolling from under the others.
The solution was a metal plate with 16 round indentations, called, for
reasons unknown, a Monkey. But if this plate were made of iron, the
iron balls would quickly rust to it. The solution to the rusting
problem was to make them of brass - hence, Brass Monkeys.
Now realize that brass contracts much more and much faster than iron when chilled.
Consequently, when the temperature dropped too far, the brass
indentations would shrink so much that the iron cannon balls would
come right off the monkey.
Thus, it was quite literally, cold enough to freeze the balls off a
brass monkey.
Have a great SuperBowl Sunday folks!


It's a brand new day.

I watched the inaugural speech this morning and I must admit that President Obama is quite the orator. Rumor has it that he spent two days writing it, and I believe it. At least I believe someone spent two days writing it. It was a great speech. It promised something to everyone, without being specific. It paid homage to every ancestor and the founding fathers of this nation. It referenced Scripture once, God six times, and our founding fathers twice. Powerful stuff, but then again it was meant to be.
My favorite quote from the 44th president? This one, "This is the source of our confidence - the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny."
Wow, if one of his competitors for the crown had said this, during the run for the gold the media would have crucified them. Oh yeah; they did and they did.
Did you hear the occasional preacherisitic lilt in his delivery? Did you see him nodding with affirmation at the benediction? This new president will rally this nation with words, hopes, and promises of mending broken dreams.
Please do not misunderstand my intentions here folks. I think that this man is quite capable of changing our nation dramatically. Not with extraordinary political prowess, or amazing gifts for solution finding. It will be with his ability to rally the citizens of this nation like the old time tent covered revival meeting orators rallied their congregation.
I hope it works. I have longed believe that we must maintain our own neighborhoods, we must help each other., we must volunteer our time ,not just our money. We must do all these things if we want to prosper as a nation.
So before you join the church of Obama, think on this.
There is a lot of "we" in his speeches. No one person can solve our problems, it will take all of us, working hard and sacrificing.
So do we jump in and or work ? Or just jump on the hope bandwagon?
Do we honestly expect one person to solve all of our problems and then cry FOUL when they fail an impossible task?
Good luck Mr. President, your biggest challenge went unspoken. That is the challenge of overcoming a sense of entitlement that has fertilized the blossom of American apathy for far to long.
We got a lot of work to do.
Peace ya'll.



Tradition says, if a log entry be the first
of the year, it must be in verse.
That said, I will proceed on.
For better or worse.

The assembly decided that tax relief
will be permitted,
but for six months here,
you must be committed.
The fish wrap from A-town,
will still compete with our local rag.
Yeah we got it back,
but with a higher price tag.
Ish is still ramblin'
and so is Paige, Elwood, and the DCA.
Just more good readin'
for which you do not pay.
Sure it's cold and blowin'
but it ain't 20 below,
and it ain't snowin'.
I've always known Kodiak weather
as fickle at best.
however the rest of the state,
will put your antifreeze to the test.
So get out there and have a ball!
Don't be a shut-in
enjoy life like a Saltonstall!
So now I must go,
this rant is run,
sure it was tough,
but man it was fun!