Stepping up.

It looks like the previously empty seat on the KIB school board has now made that contest the most interesting this election.
Jerel Lampl, Petal Ruch, and Jana Turvey have all thrown their hats in the ring. Way to step up folks! In all this political excitement I would remind the handful of visitors to this blog that there are not just three candidates for one seat, but using the true power of write-in capability there could be five seekers of three vacancies.
Let's have a debate! With all the controversy of the proposal for a new school on the ballot, lets hear what they have to say in a public forum!
My initial spin on the new candidates is this.
Petal is an excellent choice so far. Her interview showed some clear headed thinking about the new school issue and she has the interactive background,"where the rubber hits the road".
Jerel also shows some levelheadedness about the new school business, and I appreciate any one who realizes that public service is as important to your family as to your community.
Jana, ah Jana, you started off pretty good for this Kodiakan. I appreciate anyone who has grown up here and stayed to better our community. However, once I heard your spin on a new school and it ended with "regardless of the cost", you struck out with this voter. That spend now, worry later mentality is what helped this nation get into the economic pickle it is in. I cannot in good conscience vote for any candidate who shows even an inkling of financial recklessness or naivete.
So here are my picks so far; Peggy for one three year seat, Write in Petal for the other one, and write in Jerel for the one year and let him get his feet wet.
That's it folks probably not what some would think of, but then again sometimes you gotta step outta da box to see inside.
Last notes;
Ish' ramblings over at the mighty KoKon are great as usual. Although the pic of the bear pawed outhouse is actually in A-town. MY BAD, THE OUTHOUSE IN QUESTION IS ACTUALLY AT THE BUSKIN BEACH. THANKS TO THE INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS OF ISH, I STAND CORRECTED! I am still unable to leave comments at the most prestigious blog in the north. Whatup with that?
K.P. is off on a little trip and dagriff wishes him safe journey.
There is always good stuff a the gravel eaters
so check that out also.
Lastly; I will leave ya'll with this to think on.
NO ONE has openly declared as a write-in hopeful for the, less than advertised, vacant seat on the borough assembly. That does not mean that there are not quiet little "among friends" campaigns taking place. Think about all the trouble makers and money seekers that have clogged up our assembly meetings over the past year. I would bet that there is an Arndt, Stevens, Oswalt, or even an Abell quietly gathering support. Think on that Kodiak and be scared, very scared.
Do a good thing today folks, just do it for somebody else.


Shifting focus

The media has turned the current presidential race into a real circus. They are scrambling to find any info or dirt they can on a VP hopeful from a place that the majority of the nation knows nothing about.
Let's shift focus folks.
Granted the prez's election is looming over our heads, but the real issue at hand is our own current election ballot. Perhaps we should take a break from the national circus and focus on the local and immediate business of our local ballot.
There are several seats left undeclared on the ballot. This means we must seriously consider write in potentials.
Reviewing the election pamphlet I came across a possible discrepancy. The pamphlet only listed two vacant seats on the borough assembly. I could be wrong, but I thought there were three open seats. Think about that before you head to the polls. Your write-ins could make a serious impact on our neighborhood.
There are numerous open spots on the ballot, talk to your neighbors, seek to find the person you think will have a positive impact on the various boards that have vacant seats.
I have had a small amount of time to talk to my neighbors this week, but I have come up with one write-in I would endorse.
I believe that adding Petal Ruch to the members of the school board would be a positive change in our community. she has long supported the arts in our schools, she has brought state and national recognition to our students who strive, under her tutelage. Thanks to her efforts Kodiak is becoming known for producing superior artists.
I will be writing Petal Ruch in as my choice for school board.
That said; who do you know that would be a positive addition to any of the seats currently available on the ballot?
If we do not seek and gain folks on our local boards and committees, we will not gain the representation we need.
Extrapolate that; if our local government truly represents the neighborhood, then at state level we will have the voice we need to enact change. Carry that further and, as a state, we will have a representative voice at the federal levels.
I might seem altruistic but, is this not the very foundation our nation was built upon?
That is my rant tonight, and I am spent.
Welcome back to the Kodiak Perspective!
Peace Ya'll



I got back from from A-town last night. It was a short but interesting trip.
I read a bunch of local news and sat around listening to a lot of Palin chatter.
I get the feeling the she will not carry her home state this November. Just a hunch, but more on that later.
Today we will celebrate the life of a friend. At 400pm we will gather at Holiday beach & begin a Surfers wake for Dave Skimin. It will be a traditional paddle out ceremony beginning at 600pm. The exact same thing will take place at the same time on Sunset beach in Hawaii.
After the paddle out it will be a potluck/barbecue, music, stories, and the celebration of a life well lived.
This is a "weather irrelevant" get together; so suit up, grab your board, kayak, dingy, or just come on out and celebrate with us.
Peace ya'll


Patriots Day

I do not have much to say on this day of remembrance. I believe we all remember exactly where we were when we heard the news in 2001.
Do we remember the promises we made ourselves and our children over the following days? Have we forgotten the desire to make our lives and the lives of our friends and families better and more meaningful? How about that immense wave of patriotism that swept the nation? Will you be flying your American Flag today?
This year is a major turning point for our nation, but today set aside all that petty BS of politics, avoid the spin of the corporate driven government; instead reflect and remember. Remember those we have lost, those who are now spread across the planet, fighting, teaching, and saving the world.
A lot of people have paid the ultimate price for our nation, and a lot more will do so in the future.
So today, put aside all else and just be an American and proud.
Peace to you all and god rest and keep the fallen.
Do the right thing today folks, but not for yourself.

Please check out the incredible photo essay by James Nachtwhey it is awesome


Less heroes in the world.

Please follow the link off the title.
There are three less heroes in this world today, possibly four.
By now I am sure that our beloved island is well aware of the tragic loss of the Coast Guard helicopter crew in Hawaii.
As a former USCG flyer I am saddened by any loss in our community, but the sorrow is always ten fold when someone I know is involved.
My friend, Dave Skimin will not be returning to Kodiak anymore. Being stationed with Dave and working with him was always a pleasure. Playing with him after hours even more so. His love and zest for life's adventures, coupled with his amazing ability to accept life's hurdles was inspirational.
I will always remember the excitement and fervor in his voice as he described surfing our beaches, building a new board, or just the latest camping adventure. I will admit that when he opened the surf shop here I was skeptical, and I told him so. But, with his normal zeal and love of the sport he made it happen. I have always believed that he was one of the the driving forces that put Kodiak surfing on the map.
Working with Dave was fun, many nights ,as we tried to fix this or that, we would discuss anything from sports to politics. He was never reticent when voicing his opinion, yet always opened minded and considerate when listening to the other side.
Last night I sat in the garage, listening to the radio, and mourning the loss of a friend, I realized that there were many people worldwide doing the same thing.
I stood up and said a prayer, I asked for god rest and god bless for the crew lost, I prayed for strength and good fortune for the missing pilot. I also prayed for strength for those the heroes lest behind. Then I thanked God for bringing me home all those times before.
When my prayers were finished the song on the radio shifted to an old Byrds tune. I heard Turn, Turn, Turn drift across the garage. For those that do not know, that popular song is almost direct quotation of scripture. I am not a big believer in coincidence, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so did Dave, I heard him say it many times.
My thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of Andrew, David , and Joshua, they are heroes and so are you.
I could go on, but then again; I can't.
I have written this before, it bears repeating.
Treat every conversation as if it is the last time you will talk to that person; it may very well be.
This weekend I will be calling my old flyin' buddies and checking in, as will many other Coasties I am sure.
Next week, I am taking a six-pack and driving out to Pasagshak, just to watch the waves.
Good night Doc, Duane, Matt, Dave B., Robin, and Mr. Skimin. You are missed.
Peace ya'll
PS Check out the list of USCG aviators that did not come home.



Breaking news over at Al-Anon. It seems Art has decided to leave the blogoshpere.
Check in and voice your support and wish him well.
I for one, will miss his wit and honesty.
Good luck and peace Art.

Remember why you are not working today.....

Good morning ya'll,
Check out the link from the title, definitely worth a read.
Both the KoKon and Al-Anon have promised a day without "you know who". I hope that does not mean they will take the day off entirely, but if they do it's a fair trade off.
I have tried to celebrate every holiday on this blog by reminding myself ( and hopefully others) of the importance of that particular day.
Start with this:
Samuel Gompers on Labor Day
Labor Day differs in every essential way from the other holidays of the year in any country. All other holidays are in a more or less degree connected with conflicts and battles of man's prowess over man, of strife and discord for greed and power, of glories achieved by one nation over another. Labor Day...is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race, or nation.
Samuel Gompers, founder and longtime president of the American Federation of Labor.

Labor day is my day, it is your day, it is also a day to thank all the folks , who by doing their job, allow you to do your job. From the kids pumping out fast food, to the highway workers, rescue personnel, and law enforcement agencies that keep us relatively safe; I say Thank you!
So to you all, Happy Labor Day, enjoy it. Appreciate the bloodied noses of the unions that made it possible, appreciate your neighbors and coworkers who every single day make this nation the power that it is. And lastly, appreciate yourself, for what you do is just as important as the other person.