The people have spoken!

This just in. According to our local newsfilter the borough citizens have a different opinion on the subject of paying off the triad, than the call-ins at the last assembly meeting led us to believe.
According to the latest poll, 75% of the voters do not want to pacify the whining trio with a pay off. 16.95% were in favor, and 8.05% had no opinion.
Apparently the on=line folks feel differently than the majority of the contractors, former assembly members, and career committee sitters, that called in. I cannot even fathom the logic of taxpayers telling elected officials to continue suing the borough. Maybe if they were out of work lawyers,(is there such a thing?), or hoping to create an open seat so that their chances of sliding back in increase, I could see it. Maybe the local rag can publish another poison pen letter from one of our neighborhood matriarchs and the ungrateful population of this island can get the scolding we deserve. Then , out of guilt, we would vote in a certain seat-addicted relative of hers at the next election for anything. I sometimes wonder if the inly reason they even publish those scathing letters is out of fear that they will bear the brunt of her next letter.
I realize that I might seem a little harsh, but ever since that particulars statement of "you should sue the borough" coupled with "the borough always loses" has been eating at me for a week. Following Scott's logic, the next time he runs for a seat on any board, and we all know he will, we should not vote for him. Not because of his beliefs, but simply because he also has a history of losing.
Just a thought.......
Enjoy Crab Fest folks it only comes once a year.
I have heard rumors on the KoKon of a new event next year, and it sounds like fun. Check it out. Then go to Tony's tonight and see what real writers do.


Last weekend

Isn't it great that spring has sprung? The weather was good and we got a lot done.
I was able to start the annual yard clean-up. The family spent Saturday prepping the St. Mary's booth for Crab Fest; along with several other volunteers.
Over the past week I noticed many volunteers doing the same for their respective booths.
Hat's off to all the volunteers taking the time to make this Crab Fest an event to remember! In a time when so many are just trying to get by, it is heartwarming to see how many folks realize that labor can offset monetary donations.
I did get a chance to swing by the Rookery for it's grand opening. Great place! Local art and an open, airy atmosphere really made it a nice experience. We were able to purchase a beautiful basket at a very reasonable price,; a gift for someone near and dear that is departing our island.
That said; Crab Fest tends to bring out the best in this community. Why not carry that desire to volunteer and get things done? Remember the feeling of accomplishment when you are done and seek to find it in a new endeavor. If we continue this desire to volunteer this community could resolve a lot of its problems.
Maybe if we carried the same desire to accomplish community activism as the four new Eagle Scouts did, honored on Sunday, we could fix many of our neighborhoods problems.
Just a thought.
Enjoy the weather, enjoy Crab Fest. If you want to experience Kodiak's finest poets, make sure you attend the event at Tony's Thurs. night.
Thats my rant, I am spent.
Peace ya'll


This will be remembered.

I just got done listening to the arguments for and against the plaintiffs of the lawsuit debacle. Thanks to KMXT for the broadcast.
I was surprised by the lack of "citizens comments". The talk in the neighborhood was one of support for Mayor Selby's precedent setting decision to veto the resolution allowing us taxpayers to foot the bill for the triad. However; only three citizens called in or spoke on the mayors decision.
The discussion on the motion to override was amazing! Can someone please explain to me how we are able to ignore the "conflict of interest" issue can be overlooked? How are the three assembly members, who clearly will benefit financially from the outcome are allowed to vote on this decision? How can they even put forth a motion that benefits their personal bank account?
That said; a few of the members clearly stated their case for why their vote would go the way it did. I can understand why the alleged affronted parties feel so strongly that their decision should be payed for by the constituency. I do not agree with it, though. I understand why the opposing members feel the way they do, and I do agree with that. I do not understand the reasoning of one assembly members opinion that he did not agree with overriding the mayors veto, but just wanted to "put it behind them".
Wrong answer. If you felt that the mayors decision was valid, why would you choose to roll over? I do not elect my representatives to make easy decisions; hell I can do that all by myself. Assembly member Friend; whereas I commend your community service, you bare watching.
I really like the innuendo dropped by Oswalt and I do agree with it. "This will be remembered" came a cross as a veiled threat to this voter. I also agree with Oswalts's desire to be a simple man. Newsflash ; if you want things simple, then you should not have sought a seat. Stay a member of the herd and let others make your decisions.
As for memory; well next time the ballot is in front of me, and I see the names Stutes, Abell,, or Oswalt I will remember tonight.
As for the rest of the assembly and our Mayor, when your name appears on the ballot, this voter will remember your actions also.
That said; the only thing that made made sense in Mr. Oswalt's whining tonight was one statement.
Yes sir, this will be remembered.
Peace Y'all.


Standing up

Just when I thought all was lost, two of our politicians have shown that we have hope.
My standing tenet of "doing the right thing, is not always the easy thing, but it is the always right thing", was exemplified by Mayor Jerome Selby and our governor Sarah Palin.
Mayor Selby vetoed the resolution passed by the assembly to payoff the three dissenters on the assembly. Hats off to you sir! You not only set a precedent for an elected official in your position, your act showed the public that there is still honor in politics. I listened to you interview on our local KMXT, I read the article in our Daily Mirror. This is good stuff. The triad is scared, veiled threats coupled with certain assembly members wishes to "put this behind us" are dangerously close to making us taxpayers foot the bill for their petulance.
I strongly urge the public to call in tomorrow night and voice their support of Mayor Selby's decision. By the way, why are three plaintiffs able to vote on the outcome of this decision anyway? Clearly the honorable thing to do is excuse yourself from the vote. Never mind that it is obviously meets the very definition of conflict of interest. What are you afraid of? The attorney general will prove this fact? Maybe you realize that the state supreme court will give you the legal spanking you deserve? Veiled threats of future litigation might worry some; but not this voter. If you choose to continue muddying the water, wasting time with frivolous lawsuits, and trying to browbeat the rest of the assembly into giving in, then be prepared to reap what you sow.
I urge the triad of plaintiffs to follow Selby's example and do the right thing. Save the constituency the time and tax dollars of recalling you. Resign, step down, walk away, and let this community move on to challenges we need to face.
Congratulations to the Palin family on the addition to their family. Governor Palin proved to this blogger, that she walks the talk. Knowing that Trig had a significant chance of being developmentally challenged, your family chose life. In a society where 92% of the couple faced with this choice, do not choose life, you stuck to your beliefs and proceeded to have this child.
Governor Palin, you have done a few things that I admire and respect. Your decision to keep this child and grace our planet with his presence, proves to me that you "walk the talk". It is refreshing, and heartwarming to see evidence that an elected official do not always spout rhetoric. Some actually have convictions and beliefs. I will not always agree with your gubernatorial decisions, but I will always know that you mean what you say.
God bless you and keep you as your family faces the challenges ahead.
Thats it; I have spun my spin. I go to bed tonight feeling better. There are leaders out there doing the right thing. Give them your support and your prayers.
Peace ya'll


Capitalism Shines

After viewing the clip posted on KoKon about Peak Oil ,(and it is artfully done), I decided to look into this some more. I have heard the term before and have always believed that the oil problem we are facing now is a direct result of capitalism at its worst.
I do not argue that oil is probably a finite resource, given the nature of consumption versus the rate at which our planet makes it. However; the rate of distribution by the oil companies and cartels is the driving force behind our current situation.
In my research I came across several good reads on the subject. Two really stood out, for they are polar in their theories.
The first one I read was Life After the Oil Crash is full of doomsday prophesies. However; they make sense. Given the numbers and science used throughout this article it is very believable, and a little unsettling. If you read it, click on the highlights and check out the sources.
The next gem I came across was The Myth of Peak Oil. Interesting stuff. These guys make a very believable argument for corporate and government conspiracies being the crux of the problem. Again, check out the links in the text. This article is also full of facts and science so it too is believable and a little unsettling.
Also, compare the type of things advertised on both these sites. That might give you an idea of which side of the road they walk.
Me personally, well I fall somewhere in between. As I stated earlier I do not doubt that we are consuming oil faster than the planet can replace it. However; it is the greed of a few that is causing the current situations. Face it; the majority of the major oil producing countries do not like the American Government. Whether it is an ideological disagreement, an environmental view, or an outright mistrust of a super power is irrelevant. The end result is the same.
Giving up the majority of our industrial production coupled with letting the agricultural legacy that built this country dwindle, has remade our economy into one that is overly dependent on foreign resources.
Basically if you insert parts of your anatomy into a vice, eventually someone will start cranking the handle.
That said; right now,right here; capitalism is shining. It is not the shine given from the aura of a saintly halo. It is not the shine that comes off the smiles of people when the good things happen. Rather it is the same shine that glared on the sweaty backs of thousands of workers that built railroads to expedite the growth of the land barons that generated the basis of all wealth in this country. It is the same shine that glistened on the brows of thousands of children working in the textile industry, the mining industry, and the factories that built the rest of our countries financial giants.
So next time, as you sit by the shiny chrome covered pumps at the local Quicky-Mart, and you are weighing whether to buy ice cream for the kiddies, or put gas in the car, try this.
Do not blame, war, Muslims, Venezuelans,or any other group of people. Their citizens are poorer, hungrier, and more destitute than our majority. Put the blame where it belongs. On greedy, uncaring, corporations and cartels. Then wag your finger, like a scolding parent, and give out a big SHAME ON YOU, to the governments that suck-up to these companies and have allowed this to happen.
Read, ask hard questions, and hold your elected officials accountable.
Lastly; do a good thing tomorrow, and not for yourself.


Whatta YOU gonna DO?

I've been hearing some interesting rumors. It seems a certain assembly member is quietly urging some folks to start a call-in campaign.
If you are unhappy with the assembly's decision to "put this behind us" or "take the easiest solution, by paying the attorney fees for Abell, Oswalt, and Stutes; then act.
If you agree with the fact that this was nothing short of extortion, then act!
Next Thursday night at 730pm the borough assembly will meet and broadcast. I strongly urge every citizen to set aside time for this one. Go to the meeting or stand by the phone, but be ready to act. When the time for public comments comes up step up to the microphone or start dialing. Jam up that pathetic one line communication hurdle with protest! Demand for the assembly to set yet another precedent and rescind last meetings lame decision to pay off the three dissenters.
It just might work. Near Island, the Post Office, and Island Lake have all proved that if the citizens stand up and fight for what they want, then the responsible members and even the pension seeking, time wasters, will listen and act accordingly.
Wanna have some fun? If you go to the meeting, wear a black armband and start your comment with "shame on you".
There are other options. We could get an assembly member to make a motion that allows the borough to make small incremental payments. Say;5 dollars a year, that if not collected within 5 days of the new fiscal year, is forfeit. Or better yet, it will be presented at the first assembly meeting of the fiscal year. That way we will be reminded of their treachery.
Another option would be a small scale tax revolt. How about nobody pays their dumpster fees until the assembly rescinds the decision to pay off the triad?
At a time when the school board is looking at major budget cuts and the average citizen cringes at the gas pump, fourteen thousand dollars of our money should not be squandered to placate a bunch of cry-babies; simply because it is the easiest thing to do.
Enough about my thoughts.
Check out this Rogue Wave. Although he is on another assembly, his voice is well known in the "letters" section of the Mirror, and now he jumps head first into blogdom.



I had the pleasure of being in A-town in time to catch the last chance our Aces had in the play offs. Sadly it did not not end well for them. They played their best against the Wranglers, from Nevada, but this aggressive and physical team overcame the Aces finesse. Even though we lost, it was great game. The Aces played hard and fast, and we all left the arena knowing they did their best. I look forward to next season.
Mean while back home, it seems the borough's unholy triad secured victory. Apparently we taxpayers will be footing the bill for their attorneys after all.
I listened that night to the arguments. It seemed, at first, that the assembly was on the right track. Tom Abell tried to get one, then another resolution passed. The first was proven unnecessary and voted down. However; the second was passed.
What does this mean? There were veiled threats of future lawsuits, there was the unavoidable whining of assembly members to " put this behind us', to take the easiest way out.
Shame on an elected group of officials that seek to sue the very body they represent over a difference of opinion. Shame on the assembly members who seek to put a band-aid on a cancer.
We cannot undo the precedent that this assembly just set; this time. However; I will never check a block on any ballot that is next to the names of Abell, Stutes, or Oswalt, again.
As for the rest of the assembly; well those that sought the easier path, at our expense, you bare watching. As for the two that did not vote to "fix this", hat's off.
Assembly members that serve ten years are given certain benefits for the rest of their lives. Those benefits are more than the average Kodiakan could ever expect from their employment. If you doubt that. look at the health care insurance they walk away with.
Let's try this, next election vote for anyone but these three. If they have managed to squeak out their tenure; fine, but cut them loose before they can do any more harm. If not, then cut them loose before they find another way for us taxpayers to pay for their petty squabbles and indulgences.
I guess what I am trying to say is nothing more than to repeat an old political slogan.
Peace ya'll.
Do the right thing tomorrow; no matter how difficult it may seem.