All things new

I linked into a new Kodiak blogger thanks to Ish at the KoKon. Its called the Devils Club advocate and its worth a read over.
The advocates latest post discusses the the ways things used to be on our island, nostalgic and historic.
It got me to thinking about all the cool new things around here, lately.
Oh sure we all are waiting for the fiesta le grande when Dan's new joint opens, but how about Gwen's place?
Also there is a great new place out here in the Flats. It's called Java Flats and it is this ratters new fave. They open at 530 in the mourning, serve excellent coffee and homemade breakfast burritos, and bagels with hand blended/flavored cream cheese. They also offer an eclectic lunch menu filled with amazing salads combining fruit, nuts, and veggies. They also offer up some pretty tasty sandwiches, shakes, and smoothies to boot. Check them out, just past the mini AC and just before the Rondy.
We have a new boat in town which means more customers, more tenants, and more talent for our various groups in the community. We are also now an official Coast Guard City; not really sure what that means, but I do know there is only a few in the nation.
Lastly, did you see the Clarkster step up to the plate with his huge front page article? Excellent story Derek, keep up the good work.
So some change is good,maybe on that note we will see some positive changes on the assembly this fall; but I digress...........................


Nothing in Particular

WOW! has it really been that long since my last post? I guess I am filled with summer time projects.
I have been researching the state web trying to get some facts on lawsuits against the borough, painful at best. FYI, you can't get anything more current than March at this time.
I am still waiting patiently for some citizen to lay that recall petition on the table. I don't think it's gonna happen. sure, I could do it, but would negate the main purpose behind my rants. I was hoping that someone on our beloved island would jump in and feel the power of participation. We all want to change the world; but it needs to start in the neighborhood. With the prez' elections looming in the future, how can we enable change if we cannot enact change in our own town?
Ah; enough of this obviously dead horse.
What has happened that has warmed my heart?
The local fish wrap
has highlighted troop 626 for building bridges. The local gathering last weekend pulling invasive weeds on Near island, Friday there was an actual sports piece on a local boy doin' it right! Steven Pillans is tearing up the tracks all around the state. I have had the pleasure of watching this young man race for several years. Stay strong Steven! You are showing this state that Kodiak has more to offer than most thought.
Lastly, get out tonite and help celebrate the anniversary of biggest hazard to navigation in Kodiak. McSkank and the crew will be ripping it out at Tony's. Personally this is my favorite local band and one of my favorite watering holes.
Me; I am going to spend some time teaching my granddaughter to fish over the next couple of weeks, so I'll check in when I can.
keep up the good work Ishmael, I love the KoKon.


Enjoy Independance Day

There is much on my mind today.
Mostly though, I am grateful.
Thank you to those who serve, have served, and to those who have payed the ultimate price for us all.
Thank You Daytona Karl for this video.