I pulled this vid off the net. After searching for any new tributes I realized that they are few and far between. So I figured that maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to forget what events led to this day of remembrance and service.
It is not a happy video folks. There are no words to the music. That seemed fitting, as no words can describe the emotions I felt that day. Maybe that is why, all the while later, this one made me cry in my coffee.
Please watch this. Hopefully you can sit with some one you love while you do so.

This morning at 0755 I will be attending the memorial service at the USCG base flag. I have not heard of any other memorials on the island. If you cannot attend, please take that moment and bow your head, Remember the 2976 reasons why this day must never, ever be forgotten.
Peace to all. Thank you to all who serve, and love to the families who make it possible for them to do do.


Julie said...

Iraq deaths: 4,261
Afghanistan deaths: 1,378

kodiakgriff said...

I have had to finally use my delete option.
SUE's comments maybe in Japanese but her comments translate into nothing more than a word list for PORN hits. Also every word in her "comments" links to a Japanese porn site.
G'nite Sue

Alaska-womom said...

I am always pleased when I stop by--you are proud of our state and of our countrymen/women. Good on you KodiakGriff!