I love this state, and in case you haven't noticed I love this country. Alaska is a state full of contradictions. The climate is more varied than any other state. In one day we can see snow and freezing temps, rain and hurricane force wind, or even warm gentle sunshine.
We are a state that passionately defends our rights for subsistence hunting & fishing, yet we allow parts of the government to exploit our resources in areas where it might negatively impact the future of our fisheries. We will drill for oil, but not scrape for copper. We are a mostly republican state, yet we have a democrat in the house, any many more in the state and local seats. We bitch about the government, yet we have the highest percentage of government employees in the nation. I did the math, it may be off a tad, but my ciphering comes up with approx 23%!
Yet another contradiction, as one of the coldest states we eat more ice cream per capita than any other state in the union.
Ok so many of these things most of you folks probably already knew.
So how about this one? We have a democratic senator who is a blue ribbon member of the NRA. He has sponsored bills that protect our rights and fought against legislation that would take them away. Senator Mark Begich used to be a member of a little group called M.A.I.G.. That stands for Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Mr. Begich quit that group, in fact he was the fourth member to so. Apparently MAIG is not what it seems. When I heard about them my initial reaction was positive. Then I dug a little deeper. These folks have some deep financial pockets, AKA New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, supposedly he has poured over 3 million dollars of his own money into this little group. Illegal guns? LETS GET RID OF 'EM; YOU BETCHA!. Unfortunately that is not what this lobby group is all about. Their agenda steps far beyond illegal guns. They would do away with all private gun transactions. That's right folks, no more gun shows, no more great deals from your buddy, and worst yet; no more leaving your guns to your kids.
So here is the real irony folks. The mayor of the city of Kodiak is a member of this little group. Our own Carolyn Floyd is a member.
Not only that, she is the only member from our great state. I mean come on, even our democratic senator realized that these folks offer nothing our community needs or desires.
I must ask you madam mayor, is this not the biggest contradiction in our state?
How can you be the political leader of a community that generates so much revenue from gun related activities? Come on! We are one of the premier hunting and adventure destinations in the world. Yet you belong to an organization that lobbies to make gun ownership a thing of the past.
I urge Ms. Floyd; research this group you signed on with. I would hope that once you realize what their real agenda is, you too will leave them. Follow our senators lead. We named a library after you for cryin' out loud. It is a place for study and research, something you should have done before you joined these folks in trying to lobby away our right to keep and bear.
Think about this one folks. Question the mayor. I am not an advocate of illegal anything, but M.A.I.G. is a misleading moniker for a group of anti-gun zealots. It does not seem appropriate that the Kodiak City Mayor be a member.
So please madam mayor review your membership in MAIG. I would think you would resign after that, but if you're not going to then I think you owe Kodiak an explanation.
Ms. Floyd you have done many great things in this community, but this is not one of them.
Ask hard questions folks and demand real answers.
peace ya'll


Paige Jennifer said...

Great post on many fronts. I had to do a double-take when I saw Bloomberg mentioned. Alaska might be one of the few places where those changes would be horrible. But in North Philly, where gun violence dominates the nightly news, different story. I'm not picking sides, merely noting how well you pointed out the downsides to something that, before reading your post, seemed like a no-brainer.

Total aside but, you know, I'm an ice-cream fiend. Maybe I should reconsider a Kodiak relocation?

Anonymous said...

Awwww, see, I thought that was how you was supposed to hold a big ole gun. (Maybe that's why so many of us sport those nasty little scars near our uni-brows, aka scope kissers)

kodiakgriff said...

Ah PJ; if you came to Kodiak I would show you how to kill fish. Very few things taste as good a a fresh salmon on the grill.
Titanium; I have a friend who is an avid and seasoned hunter. Yet every year I can tell when he has been at the range getting ready for the next hunt.
The bruised eye and that little cut near the bridge of his nose always leads to the same question. So did ya get the rifle sighted in?
Luv both your blogs, thanks for reading.

kodiakgriff said...

I have had to finally use my delete option.
SUE's comments maybe in Japanese but her comments translate into nothing more than a word list for PORN hits. Also every word in her "comments" links to a Japanese porn site.
G'nite Sue

анонім said...

...beautiful girl in the photo...