On the Road Again.

Yup, it has been a while. I can only offer the usual lame excuses,but to many irons in the fire and not enough hours in the day pretty much sum it up. So here I sit, several thousand mile away from my beloved bride, my girls, and my cherished little isle. I sit here in another airport bar/eatery waiting on some fried haddock and sippin' a Back Bay IPA. Good thing about chilling at the airports is that I get to chew my cud and ponder where I have been; what I seen, and what I have heard. Over the past week 'n half I have loitered in several location twixt home and down east. I will admit traveling during the end of an election year is more than interesting. There will never be a time when you will witness so many people willing to discuss a subject long thought the eternal taboo/party foul. Yep, politics is the topic, and it is rocking! Maybe it is that so many are so disillusioned. Maybe it is simply that we are hoping to actually have a say and make the changes we were promised so long ago. Add a flat screen to almost every location a person can visit and even the cattle chutes at the TSA check points become a Petri dish of political commentary; and I absolutely love it. I am hearing a lot of opinions, contemplations, and solutions. All have similar things in common;, dissatisfaction & mistrust. There are two common thoughts. One is fire the man in charge cause he didn't deliver or, keep him in so he can finish what he started and save us all. Honestly from what I am hearing, it is hard to believe that the polls truly reflect what might happen come November. So my friends on the west coast think I have jumped a train I was never on and cling to my arm in an effort to pull me back on. The folks down east are praying for my liberal soul in disbelief as to what I have become. That is until I tell them where I am. We asked for change and placed our faith in a smooth talking lad from Chi-town. Well I guess that isn't working out so well. Is it because the man was naive? Perhaps his policies really are just rhetoric and based on liberal beliefs proved unsuccessful years ago. I dunno. Maybe, just maybe he was hobbled by a bunch of self serving, job protectionists. Maybe they have become so immersed in the powerful and sinfully accepting environment we allow them to work in, that the goal has become irrelevant and replaced by the status quo; theirs that is. Maybe that could mean the new guy is not going to be any more effective if the pack simply turns on him the minute he disagrees with the party politic. One thing I do know, if he does take the crown and wants to be effective, he will have to disagree with both parties, broker compromise, and save the middle class. Truth is, probably not going to happen. This is not a matter of cutting the head off a snake to destroy the body. This is more like pruning the Hydra. The many heads of the house and senate need to go. Sure the more you cut off the more that will come back. That is OK, that is what is supposed to happen. Off with the old head and in with the new! That said; change the oil. Replace 'em all. Throw the newest, wackiest freshmen/women into the martini shaker and toss it up! What could possibly hurt that we can't undo next time around. Put the "experiment" back in the grand experiment that was the dream of our founding fathers. If you are not ready for that, at least get off the couch and go vote. Just vote your conscience and not what the media thinks it is. Ask hard questions folks and expect real answers. Peace.


Not just another barbecue.

Nor it is the mark for summers start. It is day of respect and honor.Sometimes I look about and think that far to many have forgotten this. Today is also a day that, several times, I will look to the horizon and quietly wipe the tears from my face as I am reminded of those, I know, who gave their lives so that others may live. I was honored to know them and I miss them every day. Those who have read my past rants know where I stand on this subject. GOD, Family, an Country are my passions. The core values of my service; Honor. respect, and devotion to duty still carry through in all that I do. The video I chose for this year is long, but it bears watching. The end will hopefully remind all just how many wars we have lost American lives to. Millions have gone before me and far to many will follow in their path. So today I will thank their families for their sacrifce and at 300pm EST I will bow my head and thank all those who paid the ultimate price for all that I hold dear. I will thank them for the safety of my family and of my nation. I will thank them for showing the best of what we are in the sacrifce for others. For my friens & brothers that have gone before me : AMTC Myles Rheinhart AST1 Dave Skimin AMTC John Seidman BMC Rich Belisle My eternal thanks. To the Uncle I never met and who I am named after; Edward Boodro, my gratitude for your sacrifice. Our family name died with you on that fateful day. For all those who serve, my gratitude is boundless, but that celebration is for another day not this one. Join me today folks at 300pm and bow your head. It is the one moment we can all, as a nation, do the right thing. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13


A-mhaith a bheith Gaeilge.

Today is one of my favorites, no doubt. Where I grew up it is a day of joyous and somtimes excessive celebration.
As a child of Boston it was shepards pie, corned beef, and green cupcakes all day long. It was being uber careful to make sure my wearing o' the green was plainly visible as to avoid that dreaded pinch.
It was Sister Patricia gently telling my first grade class the true story of St. Patrick. Her version was a tale of hardship, amazing adventure, and indelible faith. It left a mark on my very soul and later in life, when times seemed harsh, it gave me strength.
Even as I grew older and began the more steriotypical practices we Irish have been assigned, I took time to quietly reflect on the man that changed an entire nation and in doing so saved its soul. No weapons, no economic sanctions, just simple and strong faith. Perhaps some of todays leaders could learn from that.
Sitting here now, with the Dubliners playing, I think on some great memories from past St. Patty's.
My first kiss from a girl who used that day to reveal her crush and caused my first blush.
The times in Southie that were crazy nights and occasional drunken fights.
Teaching my children the Unicorn Song and how to be Irish strong.
That night in Portland enjoying the music and on my arm; my beautiful wife.
Ybor City and the crushing crowds, Eric and I so drunk and so loud.
The day in Ayre where the Scot's showed honor for one not theirs.
Cooking and sippin' all day with me son-in-law and learning much along the way.
There are far more memories and some yet to be made. So get out there, learn the music, celebrate a culture that endures. A people that beat the Roman Empire and has since populated the world.
First though, take a moment to reflect on the person who this day honors. Maybe even read up on him, for it is truly an amazing story.
Bí bródúil agus a bheith láidir.
Bí an chreidimh soladach.
Dia libh go léir.



That is the word I usually quietly exhale after reading about yet another congressional stalemate that results in another extension of something we really need to make a decision on.
I see a group of democrats who want their ideology to move us forward with experimental social engineering and economic naivete'. This is countered by republicans desire to move in the exact opposite direction. Not the status quo, but a return to simpler times and less government costs, not realizing that you can never go back.
Put simpler, it is a living demonstration of the immovable object and the irresistable force.
Truth is both groups are partially correct and equally wrong. Add a commander in chief who cannot sway either group into compromise on any issue of significance. This results in us becoming stuck in the quagmire of rhetoric, finger pointing, and the eternal fillibustering we now suffer with.
Remember the super committee? Why did anyone expect a group of politicians made up from a cross section of the extreme views from both parties to produce anything of value? Am I the only one who viewed these compromise incapable party loyalists as a readers digest version of the group causing the problem?
Then when they show up at the table with heads hanging, mumbling, "sorry boss but we just couldn't get 'er done", we act shocked? Why not fire them then? Oh yeah that's right , they are elected officials and not subject to the same consequences for lack of production as the rest of us.
So now we are shopping for the next superman, cause it turns out the current one is far to prone to stumbling into kryptonite laden bombs.
That leads to my next question. If we can be so willing to fire the president, why can't we fire these life long politicians in the houses?
Folks, we do not need superman. No super hero superpowers are going to save us.
We need Batman.
In fact, we need millions of Batmen & women
Here is the rub. We already have a legion of them waiting in the wings. It is made up of folks like you and I. We all have a tool kit laden with the freedom to choose, armored with a free press, the right to assemble, and the freedom of speech. All that and more, buckled together with a ballot.
How often have you heard someone express their frustration with a statement like, " if they worked for me I'd fire the lot of 'em!" News flash folks, they do work for you. You can fire them. Your voice can be heard and your will be done. You just gotta tighten up that tool belt and use it!
So from that perspective I can say this.
I'm Batman
Are you?
Peace y'all.
Ask hard questions & demand real answers.