Tradition says, if a log entry be the first
of the year, it must be in verse.
That said, I will proceed on.
For better or worse.

The assembly decided that tax relief
will be permitted,
but for six months here,
you must be committed.
The fish wrap from A-town,
will still compete with our local rag.
Yeah we got it back,
but with a higher price tag.
Ish is still ramblin'
and so is Paige, Elwood, and the DCA.
Just more good readin'
for which you do not pay.
Sure it's cold and blowin'
but it ain't 20 below,
and it ain't snowin'.
I've always known Kodiak weather
as fickle at best.
however the rest of the state,
will put your antifreeze to the test.
So get out there and have a ball!
Don't be a shut-in
enjoy life like a Saltonstall!
So now I must go,
this rant is run,
sure it was tough,
but man it was fun!


Anonymous said...

Me thinks Paige pulled her blog plug.

Anonymous said...

Moved from Kodiak to Anchorage about a year ago. Yes, I miss the Emeral Isle--not all the ice--but the moderate temperature. Also, weather isn't all I miss. Peace.