Off the radar

Yep, that's where I've been. During the Lenten season I decided to keep my head down and my opinions to myself. Not an easy task, but one worth doing. In my time of spiritual cleansing I also decided that I would not raise my voice except in cases of immediate danger. All went well, Easter has come and gone, winter is starting to let go it's icy grip, so I am back.
When I noticed that I had dropped off the sidebar at the mighty KoKon I realized it was now or never, but once you step off the radar it can be difficult to jump back on the screen. So much has happened, so many things to comment on. Where to start and where to end? Now that I have changed my oil, so to speak, what path will I take my readers on.
I still need to sort some of that out , but for now here's this.
To Mr. Obama:
I took offense at your words over seas. Telling a mostly Muslim nation that the U.S.A is not a Christian nation was nothing more than sucking up to a group of people that have little to no effect on the success of your regime. Denying our christian based heritage is no different than telling the world that we are not a democracy because we have socialists and communists as citizens. It is our christian basic belief in acceptance that lends to the diversity allowed in this great nation. Oh yeah, BTW, I didn't here you telling anyone over there you didn't consider them a Muslim nation. Perhaps you realized that there were not enough body guards in your 500 person rock star, wannabe entourage.
To Ms. Napolitano:
WTF? The CIA reports that there is a possible terrorist threat from veterans and you choose to publicly condone it? For cryin' out loud, have you looked around your new office lately/ Do you have any idea how many veterans are working in the DHS? I don't give a rats behind if you have some deep emotional scar from serving on the prosecution team of McVeigh or not. Why don't you tap on the shoulder of that limo driver we pay to cart your left-wing butt around and ask him who he thinks are the real threat. Better yet why don't you have him disarmed just in case?
It wasn't veterans who blew up abortion clinics several years ago, and it's usually not veterans spiking trees and blowing up animal research centers either. In case you haven't noticed a large percentage of DHS employees are veterans, so I have a good idea Ms. Napolitano, bite your lip and go stand in the corner and think about the results of your words. Better yet, why not starting writing on the board, " I will think before I speak", cause I bet your boss would love to see that.
Along the lines of extreme left ideas, check out the new bill coming up the pike. It's called the Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, and you can read it at open congress.org. Someones keeping this one real quiet and for good reason. I highly recommend you read it, and contact your elected officials immediately.
One more thing for our president:
I had high hopes for you sir, but the majority of your actions so far have been disappointing. The candidate who promised aisle crossing, bridge building political progress has surrounded himself with hardcore, left of the road, old school democrats who favor their agenda over the nations. You must realize that even though there are different parties and ideas in this great nation, most citizens are not left or right, but simply in the middle. Listen to them, take their counsel, and watch your cabinet closely. Good luck sir, you will need it.
In closing:
For the borough assembly:
Rural curbside pick-up is bad. I don't care about the RFP, I don't care about the cost. This rant has run to long, (I really need to eat before I slam a lot of java), so I will present my spin on the SWAB next time.
Until then; do the right thing folks, just do it for someone else.


devilsclub said...

Kicked being opinionated for lentils? Hmm... in the name of Legumes.

At least you have some formation of opinions to draw from, someone has replaced my gray matter with cream of wheat. No problem flying under the radar, as long as you get to stop off for stealth attack every once in a while.

kodiakgriff said...

Good to hear from you. It was tough, biting my tongue and sitting on my hands, but it was worth it.
No more stealth attacks in the future. I just needed to vent some ideological venom.

Love your blog, stay in touch.

Aspiecelia said...

America is not a nation of Christians, it is a nation that believes in freedom of religion.Our values were side tracked by far right wingers. We have no bussiness telling another country if they are Muslim or not.

kodiakgriff said...

Exactly my point.
I do believe I understand what President Obama was trying to convey. I am offended by the way he conveyed it.
If he had said we are not a Christian nation any more than Iran is nation of Muslims, then he might have started a riot, or at least offended the majority of Iranians.
If he had said that we were not a nation of just Christians, I would have a greed.
Would you admit that our nation was founded by Christian outcasts in pursuit of religious freedom and to this day the population is a Christian majority?
My point is that this new administration is developing a propensity of speech before thought, and maybe they should hire some new spin/speech writers.