I get it!!

I think I figured it out. I have been reading volumes of blogs, and commentaries that condemn, ridicule, and some just plain mean, about our soon to be departed governor.
Why are there folks beating this lame duck to death?
What's the darn point? Call it what you want, political suicide, opportunism, quirkiness, or just plain crazy, but the Palinator is no more.
What amazes me is how many non-Alaskans are spewing this anti-Palinistic rhetoric. Why do they care?
The Girl in Homer has become famous. Mainly due to her relentless crusade against Palin. However; she is an Alaskan and has been avid non-fan of Sarah from the beginning. In all fairness to Shannyn I will admit I enjoy the blog. She writes well and is well informed. However; the comments she gets are usually self righteous, party touting blanderings. They are also from mostly lesser 48 residents. Other blogs and commentaries share the same supporters.
Again, why??
Here's the rub.
They fear her. They fear the very idea of her. Like it or not the Palinator has garnered a lot of fans and support down south. Whether she tosses her name back in the Republican ring, or lands on one of the networks, her impact on American politics could be significant.
But it won't be, as a two time quitter she has sealed her fate.
Then why is there more Sarah in the news than Arnold? Californians are in a severe crisis situation, yet not many are raking him over the coals. Probably because he is not a natural born citizen; therefore not a political threat on a national level.
So this group of Democrazies has formed a political bucket brigade and they continue to dump more water on a fire already gone out. Flooding the ashes of Sarah's political career in fear of a Phoenix arising from the ruins.
Relax folks, it ain't gonna happen. Let it go and move on. Like the dog from Aesop, she dropped her bone in hopes of a better one and got neither.
She's done, gone, kaput.
Just a thought.
Peace ya'll


sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"She rights well and is well informed"....


She "writes" well and is well informed, perhaps?

0>w/hole>1 said...

I disagree with the "fear her" shibboleth. Here's my take on it:

a) Everybody ponies up their quarter when the freakshow comes to town. America loves them some JoJo the Dog Faced Boy -- or Springer, or the WWF, etc.
b) She's freakin' funny, in a train wreck kinda way. Nothing says funny like a politician trying to tell you that, to avoid being a quitter, she's quitting.
c) George Bush got re-elected, therefore one cannot assume that total, epic incompetence bars one from achieving office.
d) She is *proud* to display all that's *worst* about modern US conservatism. Science-denialism. Unthinking militaristic jingoism. The collapse of church-state separation. Disdain for the rule of law. Pride in ignorance. Etc. etc.
e) Republican mainstream political figures might be over her, but a large portion of their voting (and donating) block aren't.
f) Everybody hates it when incompetents (and grifters) rake in ill-gotten dough.

I think that about sums it up.

kodiakgriff said...

1. sjk : Thanks for the humbling spell check. You must be wicked smart; you betcha!
2.0>w/hole>1: I agree with you. The fear I speak of comes when party hardliners realize that most folks votes are based popularity. I.E, looks, sound bites and a personality that they can connect with. Sarah had all that; it's why McCain picked her.
It's over now, if we let it be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "whole". I would like nothing better than your comment that Palin is finished to be true. She's had a few months of fame. Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

>"What amazes me is how many non-Alaskans are spewing this anti-Palinistic rhetoric. Why do they care?"

Because she tried to (and continues ... and will continue, I fear) to foist herself off as someone who cares about the United States, even though it's clear she cares about herself ... and maybe her kids and the First Dude.

CabinDweller said...

I'm with you on this one. And some of the commentary has not been on the issues (i.e., her lack of knowledge, curiousity, etc.) but on the same stupid shit that preoccupies political "discussion" Outside: her appearance, her gender, class stereotypes, and the like.

I don't like cable news shows that have three people all shouting at once. There is rarely anything of substance, mostly grandstanding and 'gotcha' slogans. I don't like shrill name calling. And that sort of stuff has now taken root (perhaps it was always here to some degree) in Alaska.