Erasing footprints

It might not seem it today, but spring is upon us. Eventually all will be green. I suppose that is what has made me notice other subtle and progressive changes on our little island.
The emerald isle is becoming greener!
There is now a recycling drop-off point in the Flats, and I highly encourage my fellow ratters to use it. Just remember that the majority of the folks working for Threshold are already facing big enough challenges in life, so please don't add your trash to their efforts. Rinse, sort, and be nice, that's somebodies kid down there sorting your stuff after all.
Congrats to Rick Pillans and the crew for pursuing and receiving the grant& financing for the new facility. I can't think of a more deserving group. The more I think about that enterprise, and after talking with Rick about the future, the more I am awed. These folks are making our island a better place every day. The enterprise decreases the use of our inundated landfill and, not only provides employment for folks who might otherwise have difficulty getting a job, they give them a job with a mission. How many of us can say our job improves the planet every day? Pretty cool stuff.
Lets hear it for Boy Scout Troop 626!!
They went camping on Long Island and performed a massive beach clean-up. The 14 scouts and 11 adults that went collected over 2200 lbs. of trash off the beach in two days. When I was Scout I was taught that "leave no trace " was the most important part of camping. This troop exceeded that by far.
When talking with some of the scout leaders I learned that they were surprised by the amount of trash from other countries washed up on our shores. Just proves that pollution has no boundaries and should be a planetary concern.
In my past I have visited the Pelican recovery center in Florida and I have seen first hand the damage done by the irresponsible disposal of plastics in our oceans. Crippled and maimed birds whose only fault was doing what nature designed them to do. If you doubt that think about a certain gut truck and a flock of eagles not to long ago.
I have been to Midway and walked the plastic covered beaches there. I have walked with biologists and wept inside, as they showed me the dying young Albatrosses, the ones who would never fly, because they were starving. They were starving because a disposable lighter looks like the fish they normally eat. So; full of plastic instead of fish, they will slowly starve as their system shuts down. Until that day I had no idea how many disposable lighters were floating around the world. The dozens of young Albatross carcasses scattered on the sand opened my eyes and broke my heart.
This rant is getting long, so I will sum up.
Scout troop 626 and Threshold Recycling have raised the bar. Next time you go hiking, camping, walking, fishing, or whatever. Don't just bring your trash back, bring any other trash you find. Cut your fishing line, destroy your disposable lighters, take the extra time to rinse and recycle.
"Leave No Trace" is no longer enough folks. We must follow the example a group of Boy Scouts just set. We must begin erasing the footprints our ignorant past habits have left behind.
Do a good thing tomorrow ya'll, it ain't that hard.


Spring Fever

Spring is here!
As I look out & enjoy the sunshine I am reminded of "cabin fever" and it's aftermath.
Vandalism and violence tend to peak this time of year. Perhaps it it just our citizens acting out as the weight of winter slowly gives way to the promise of better weather and good times. We are caught between the drudgery of winter and the promise of spring. The sun shines but the breeze is still cold. School is nearly out, but not quite. The energy stored all winter seeks to pour forth, yet is frustrated by the environmental reality of our island.
It is release we seek, but patience has worn thin. Big deep breath folks; it will come. Longer days are now coupled with weather that is not entirely conducive to our goals.
I look at my gardens and lawn, frustrated by the fact the the temps are there if I want start spring planting, but are stymied by the reality of the 2 feet of snow that still exist.
It will come. Spring/summer will bud. I have songbirds flitting about, fresh bear tracks, and semi-white hares in the backyard.
My question is this. Will we forget the issues that plague our community and our state just because we have crossed the half-way mark for daylight?
My challenge would be this.
Regardless of the long days, the fish running, the ability to get off work and play; do not table the issues. Our island has a propensity for putting things on hold during the summer. We should curtail this. If we keep putting things off until winter then progress will be slow.
I guess what I am trying to spin here is this. The good times are coming; but if we forget the trials and tribulations of the winter, then we will repeat them next year.
Just a thought. I have spun my spin, and I am spent.
Lastly: the next conversation you have with a friend; act as if it is the last time you will talk to them. It might well be.

Just when you think it's over........

Yup, I'm back. I had to to a little break and take care of other stuff. Sadly, (for me), the blog moves to the back of the heap during the busy times.
Anyways, I am glad to see that the borough assembly hasn't been to boring in my absence.
What's this? It smells of democracy in action and it does seem like the assembly is learning as they go. The voices in Chiniak were heard and heeded. Imagine that, the will of the community outweighed the desires of one. Although I did hear a couple of waffling hints of the traditional "lets table this for further discussion at the next meeting" the assembly made their decision. Good Job!
By the way, it is irrelevant if everyone agrees with this decision, majority rule prevailed. If the assembly keeps this up we might actually start moving forward again.
There is a new lawsuit on the table, only this time it is the other four members. Funny the only three dissenters voicing shock and outrage are the three not named as plaintiffs on this one. Yup, it's the three that threw their hat in with Mr. Stephens and then cried foul when we would not pay for the lawyer fees they are incurring.
I am going to look into this one some more before I comment any further.
One last comment for the Stephens gang : Reap what you sow.
Do a good thing tomorrow, ya'll.