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Yuh, I've been off the blogosphere for a bit.
Not totally, I have been reading my faves and thank you, to you all for keeping my spirits up.
I took a little break to focus on B-ball and my family. The family has been going through some trying times and support was needed. What are Dad's, husbands, and sons for if not support to those who count on them?
Then the CG1705 was lost and on it a very dear friend. Another guy who grew up in the guard alongside me, a brother rider,a and great human being. No more of his crazy giggle, no more of his honest "suck it up", no more of my friend Eaglet. One of the last of our circle still flying is now lost at sea. My heart and prayers to all the ones left behind by the crew of the 1705 and the two marines lost. My heart and prayers to the family of the missing mariner never found. I believe that they are all together now. I believe that I will see John again. I must believe this, I must cling to this. Otherwise I fear that I would lose all purpose.
Purpose folks. it is what we all must have. That coupled with faith will help us all bear many burdens and many challenges. God gives us all talents, he gives us all challenges suited to these talents. It is our responsibility, nay, our duty, to apply these gifts to all that we do.
I am melancholy today, I have been for many days.
Basketball with the kids has kept me hopeful and given me strength. Coaching along side my son has put joy in my heart.
I do not know why I have jumped back into the blog, I have wrestled with this for weeks. Maybe is was the call-out first thing this morning. Maybe it was standing next to a neighbor as he looked down at his father. Maybe it was listening to the call saying the ambulance would not be needed any more. I don't know.
Soon my son will be of to boot camp and a life of adventure. Soon he will place himself in harms way for the good of us all. I pray I will not add him to my good night list, I pray the lord will not bring him home to heaven to soon. I am so proud, yet so fearful. He is the only son I have left, perhaps that is selfish of me, but it is honest.
Please watch this video it does nine heroes honor.
BTW Mr. President; your lack of comment at the memorial did not go unnoticed.I am not happy with you, but I will write on that later. As for the Media, shame on you for letting this tragedy be 3rd page news. More on that later also.
Good night Eaglet, you died as you lived. Tell the gang I will see them again.
Peace to you all.


Alaska-womom said...

Thanks for the post. I understand some things are hard to write because they are hard to even admit to yourself. Thank you for the post-you were missed. And thank you for your comment--as a lover of words, I collect and momorize the ones that bring hope and healing, your words did just that for me. I cannot imagine having my son in harms way like that, my prayers are also with him as well as all of our brave service people. May the peace that passes all understanding be with you-*

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