Do ya think I'm that far off base?

My handful of readers may think that my stance on BLACK FRIDAY is just another disgruntled rant. Today, sadly, my point is made.
Check out this story on newsday.com.. The sad fact is that even after this horrific event occurred, shoppers were actually walking in and around the EMT's as they tried to save this poor mans life. I hope the savings were worth it.
Jdimytai Damour lost his life, under a stampede of shoppers who, truly, lost their sense of priorities.
Peace to you Mr. Damour, peace to your family.
Thanks to Ish for the link to the story.
Monday is Cyber Monday folks. The latest version of today's corporate driven shopping madness. Sit on your hands, send a message, do the right thing.
'Nuff said.
Peace ya'll


Zoya said...

Right on - I agree completely. I often get the feeling some people shop because that's all they can do independantly. Commercial Christmas bums me out.

kodiakgriff said...

Sadly, we have let the warmth we get from gift giving be sullied by greed and a misplaced sense of obligation.
If I had a rallying cry for this time of year it would be:
Remember what this season is all about and TAKE BACK YOUR HOLIDAY!

devilsclub said...

I was right there with you on the whole Black Friday statement... and yes this ultimately proves the point as to WHY I HATE CROWDS.

kodiakgriff said...

Perhaps that is why we live on an Island. As for crowds; well talk with some of the folks that were drawn into this islands micro-version of Black Friday. Apparently there was not a whole lot of love or holiday spirit at some of the local retailers early openings.
Me?; well I just think it is time for us to drive the economy instead of the other way around.