OK folks, enough is enough and I've had me fill.
I took a nice little break (again) from the blogoshpere due to travel, golf, great weather, and a son returned home.
However; this new media frenzy has drug me back into the arena. That and a few cups of java on a slow morning. I will try to be brief, but this one is tough.
On my recent journeys I was able to indulge in a habit I have mostly foregone. Watching network/cable television is something our household gave up on several years ago, but while I am on the road, it is an indulgence that kills time.
This trip I focused on news media; both sides. I say both sides, because there is no middle ground with these folks. Probably because the middle does not sell ad space, and please never forget that this is really what it is all about.
I love to listen to the "experts" on either side of any issue the media spins. Lately, global warming has become the catch phrase for a new generation of environmental doomsayers. While there is actually a growing group in scientific circles that think we may be at he beginning of a cooling stage, that gets little media attention.
So what else was on the plate? Pick a subject, from Christian fundamentalist terrorism to the latest celebrity tragedy, and every commentator was able to spin these things, trivial or not, into high impact, thought provoking , investigative journalism. One thing I did notice though; the rules have changed. Apparently it is Ok for the more liberal side to name-call, stereotype, and profile folks they do not agree with. In other words the left hand side of the media has taken the low road.
I will use the latest media/blogosphere whirlwind to illuminate my point.
Shannyn Moore, Gryphen, and even Wolfe Tone, have jumped into the arena with Letterman and Palin. Of the three; I agree with Wolfe the most. Our Governor needs to think before she speaks, especially when sitting in an arena filled with professional speakers.
Many months back, just after the V.P. debacle, I pleaded with the Palinator to either learn those very words, listen to her handlers, or hire better writing staffers. She is a passionate person, on that I think we can all agree. So we must be careful of what we ask for. Think about this. What if the Guv did become a more methodical and thoughtful speaker? What if this taught her that passion, countered with patience and planning are truly formidable?
You might end up with a small force of nature and a political power that would be hard to reckon with. So; again, be careful what you wish for.
Back to the late show / Palinator battle.
Dave Letterman is a professional television personality with a staff of highly successful writers and researchers.
Sarah Palin is not.
Mr. Letterman makes his living of off humor and sarcasm, politicians and political commentary are his bread and butter.
Governor Palin is a fledgling professional politician, the perfect fodder for the likes of Letterman, and other media professionals. Not good for her and not good for our state.
Mr. Letterman's comments about Willow were in poor taste and should outrage every Alaskan. Not because she is Sarah's daughter,but because she is an Alaskan. Even if his apology states that he was referring to a slightly older Bristol, it is still wrong! These kids are not celebrities or politicians to be picked on, they are children and residents of our great state and we, as Alaskans should take affront; period. They are not part of the show in the coliseum, they were dragged into the arena by a media we give far to much forgiveness to.
Mr. Letterman's apology was well put. It was also probably written by other professional writers with a slew of lawyers sweating over their shoulders and wringing their hands. Our Governors response should not be looked at as a gubernatorial reply. It should be seen as it is. A mothers reply countered with the burden of being the administrative leader of the greatest and most misunderstood state in the union.
So as a parent, (something a lot of these commentators are not),what would you do? Palin's comment about Mr. Letterman did not make me think she called him a pedophile. In fact it was the interviewer who jumped on that wagon. Her next reply is what it was, a person who is angry and smart enough to try and end a conversation that is going down the wrong road. However; like the predators they can be, this interviewer kept tugging at her Achilles heel, until like that winter caribou, Palin fell to the pack.
I would never expose any 14 year old to a professional media entertainer, on national television in such a potentially damaging situation. Really, folks, what if Letterman used this opportunity to sky rocket his ratings in attempt to offset the new Late Show king? Why not? No matter what he said the world will forgive him if he just apologizes right? What potential, and permanent damage could be afflicted upon this child after such a humiliating event? What if that 14 year old took affront and said something that could potentially damage her family, her mothers career, or even the skewed perception the lower 48 has of our state and our people. Duh folks, it's lose - lose. Would any of you parents out there, willingly drag your child (of any age) into an arena filled with professional gladiators? Would you throw a baby seal into a pod of Orcas just to watch the show? Get over it then!
Sarah Palin made the right choice as a parent. Sure, as a public figure she needs to polish her skills, but it was still the responsible choice.
For once folks, don't be a democrat,republican, independent, or any other political affiliate. Be an Alaskan and take pride in that. See this for what it was, not what they want you to see.
This rant may not win many fans, but it needed to be said. Only Ish has remained quiet on this one, and perhaps that is why he is king.
My rant is run and I am spent. This took far to long to vent.
Love and prayers to the Pickett family, your loss is a loss for the entire neighborhood.
Ask hard questions, folks, and demand real answers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog post - another way to look at it. I guess my only point would be that Todd Palin was the one who used the word RAPE. Once I read that I was so shocked & actually pissed. Even if you are an angry parent, why use that word?

Alaska-womom said...

Isn't FREEDOM grand?

The point I liked the best:

What about the middle?

Here-here. That's enough of that common sense talk, it won't enrage, divide, sell or boost ratings.

Is Ish king? Wow, better not tell him.

kodiakgriff said...

1. In any state of the union, adults having sex with minors is rape. It is an ugly word, but it is what it is. As for Tod, well angry dad's do and ugly things sometimes.
2. Ish knows he is king, but it is a crown worn uneasily.
Peace ya'll

Alaska-womom said...

On both points-Agreed.