Another Thanksgiving is pretty much done. I hope ya'll had a heart warming day, I hope ya'll took a moment to be grateful.
Me; I am grateful everyday, and every night I take a moment to remember why. Sometimes it's cause I got home safe, sometimes it's cause one of my family did. Sometimes it's because I had a good day. Regardless of what happens I take a moment and thank God for the good that happened that day.
Now I sit here, happy for the time I got to spend at the table with friends and family. Yet, as I watch my wife, who worked so hard to make this day memorable, stumble off to bed I am reminded of my loathing for tomorrow.
Yup, it'd Black Friday folks and I have commented on this twisted international event since I started my little blog.
It rankles me. One year after my first comment, tragedy befell a retail worker in Long Island. There was an outcry, people were amazed, yet nothing changed.
Thanks to ISH I discovered that I was not alone. Ther are thousands of people who share my sentiment.
Buy Nothing Day is an international movement bent on taking back what is ours.
So what is ours? How about the right to relax? How about the right to be deprogrammed from the corporate wish that drives so many, to such extremes, in the hope of savings?
Send a message folks! Unemployment is up, personal debt is rising, yet the corporations that are being bailed out have increased their profits.
Stay home tomorrow, spend your much deserved time off with family and friends. Does that not seem more appealing than standing in line for some "today only" sales specials?
Don't worry, if the sales are down, there will be more. Capitalism will move on.
Oh sure, the economists will fret and worry. Dire market trends and doomsday predictions will prevail.
Maybe, just maybe, the government will get the message. The same government that talked so many into buying a new car, under the guise of economic recovery, will listen.
Yuh, the new car. Dealers sold the vehicles at maximum price and you got a rebate. What else did you get? Another day older and deeper in debt, that's what. You also get to pay tax on that rebate later on.
The big three posted record sales & profit, China got millions of pounds in recyclable steel at bargain prices, and our carbon footprint did not shrink one bit.
So please, stay home tomorrow, go for a walk, read a book, or a blog. Just don't do it! Don't buy anythimg.
It is time to make the government and corporate America know we are no longer duped by their hype.
It is time we started to drive this economy, instead of the other way around.
That's my spin.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, thanks for tuning in.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, just do it for someone else.


Kevin said...

I remember that story about the shoppers who would "kill for a bargain" and it literally happened. I hadn't heard about a protest movement. Good luck spreading the word.

The Yellow Porcupine said...

Great commentary - I didn't shop on Black Friday and haven't for many years - I don't even go to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...