Valentines Day that is, so have a happy one. I am hoping that maybe this, greeting card company generated, holiday will inspire our new national administration. Then they will "step out of the box" with new and exciting solutions to our nations financial dilemma.
Think about it folks. New holidays to help fix our problems.
Hmmm... maybe a national fix your own neighborhood's road day. Millions of people will storm the do-it-your self store, generating millions in sales, spawning massive retail rehires, and fixing the roads at the same time!
How about National write to your politician day? If everyone one of us wrote e letter to our congressmen and senators, and mailed them on the same day, stamp sales rise dramatically. This one action alone could save our postal system, thus ensuring employment for thousands of postal workers! Take it one more step and cut another executive order that forces our politicians to read each and every letter personally, and we might actually see some responsible choices made.
Seem a little crazy to expect one person to read all that mail. Might not when you consider that president Obama kinda expected the same thing when he dropped a third of the Amazon rain forest down on the congress and senate and then pushed for the vote in a week or two. Yup, the trimmed down stimulus package is 1070 pages long.
Reality is that most of the folks, if not all, voting on this package, will not have read it all. Obama seems kind of like that car salesman that wants you to commit to that used car before it warms up and reveals all the little problem it really has.
How about this solution? Lets make Valentines Day a national holiday! Then every one can go home, with government encouragement, get all romantic with your significant other and maybe start an annual baby boom. This will eventually swell the ranks of tax payers, so that they can help pay for this fantastical program. in other words our grandchildren can pay for our mistakes and apathy. Oops, they already will.
Maybe the President can follow Guv Ahhnold's lead and just send everyone home, without pay. Then take away our tax returns and let us contemplate how this must be our fault and seek ways to make fat cat politicians happier and more comfortable.
I would have a lot more sympathy for the new prez if he had not surrounded himself with people that were part of the problem to begin with. So what will he do? How do you cross party lines when all your backers and administrators are hard core party liners?
Will you become Peggy or Viola? Happy with one hard earned and deserved valentine gaining a reputation to be proud of? Or will you sell your ideals and scoop all the those pretty "we love you" cards, thus earning your place next to Peggy and the majority of most professional politicians.
Watching this would be more fun than going to Vegas, if the consequences weren't so harsh for Joe & Josephine citizen.
Ask hard questions folks and expect real answers.
Peace ya'll


Fireweed said...

Vote Peggy,Go whores!!
Life is short,
Whores know how to have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to write dang near exactly what Fireweed said!!! Hmmm, reckon great minds think alike!
Now to you, Flats Rat, I must say that I was quite impressed with the way you tied a potential stimulus package into a Valentine pic that has been circulating the net! Still, I really can't stop thinking about the Brass Monkeys...


I think the smart thing to do is not have children and thus no grandchildren. If they don't exist they won't have to pay for this mess. Then take the money you saved and go to Vegas. And take me with.

kodiakgriff said...

Yeah, those monkeys sure do stir up the ladies. Maybe I should start collecting them. Then I could say cool things like, " ya wanna come over see my brass monkeys?"
As for the Sandinista; well be grateful your parents didn't have the same idea. Then again....

B. Diederich said...

Oh, ha ha! I love this postcard. I found a weird one too (http://diederichtrashcraft.blogspot.com/2009/02/happy-valentine-day.html, but actually found your blog when looking for information about Alaska...I will have to check back again!