I get it!!

I think I figured it out. I have been reading volumes of blogs, and commentaries that condemn, ridicule, and some just plain mean, about our soon to be departed governor.
Why are there folks beating this lame duck to death?
What's the darn point? Call it what you want, political suicide, opportunism, quirkiness, or just plain crazy, but the Palinator is no more.
What amazes me is how many non-Alaskans are spewing this anti-Palinistic rhetoric. Why do they care?
The Girl in Homer has become famous. Mainly due to her relentless crusade against Palin. However; she is an Alaskan and has been avid non-fan of Sarah from the beginning. In all fairness to Shannyn I will admit I enjoy the blog. She writes well and is well informed. However; the comments she gets are usually self righteous, party touting blanderings. They are also from mostly lesser 48 residents. Other blogs and commentaries share the same supporters.
Again, why??
Here's the rub.
They fear her. They fear the very idea of her. Like it or not the Palinator has garnered a lot of fans and support down south. Whether she tosses her name back in the Republican ring, or lands on one of the networks, her impact on American politics could be significant.
But it won't be, as a two time quitter she has sealed her fate.
Then why is there more Sarah in the news than Arnold? Californians are in a severe crisis situation, yet not many are raking him over the coals. Probably because he is not a natural born citizen; therefore not a political threat on a national level.
So this group of Democrazies has formed a political bucket brigade and they continue to dump more water on a fire already gone out. Flooding the ashes of Sarah's political career in fear of a Phoenix arising from the ruins.
Relax folks, it ain't gonna happen. Let it go and move on. Like the dog from Aesop, she dropped her bone in hopes of a better one and got neither.
She's done, gone, kaput.
Just a thought.
Peace ya'll


No parties here...............

A good friend down south sent me this video. Not too long after he retired from military service he joined an outfit known as the Patriot Guard. These folks have a great hobby. Whenever there is a military funeral in the local chapters area, they suit up, hop on their bikes, and escort the fallen soldiers procession. Then they form a silent, human wall around the ceremony. All this is in an attempt to peacefully prevent protesters from interrupting the service or harassing the participants. It seems hard to believe, to me anyways, that these services would ever be needed, but they are.
Crazy world huh?
So anyways, he sent me this video and I want to share to with my small group of followers. When your done, wipe your eyes, then try to remember how many liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans you saw. The if you have a number, please send it on down. As for me, no parties there at all just Americans. I might poke a little fun at our countrymen down south sometimes, but Georgia, ya'll got it right this time.

Thank you Ray-Ray, we will ride together again some time. Miss you Bro.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, and do it for somebody else.



Happy birthday folks!
That's right it's a holiday every American shares, and we share it with no other nation in the world. It does not matter what your color, creed, ethnic background, or political belief is. Shoot you don't even have to be born here to celebrate. You just gotta be a citizen.
Enjoy it folks, revel in it, take pride in a country that set the precedence for freedom world wide.
Today let's all step off our collective soapboxes, let's get off our apathetic behinds, wipe the blue or red paint off our faces and collectively thumb our noses at the rest of the planet.
That's right; screw them if they want to criticize! We live in in the greatest country there is. Millions have died and suffered to maintain and protect the truths we hold self evident! Nations world over have struggled and striven to emulate what our founding fathers accomplished.
So today; put aside the petty politics, the personal agendas, and just be an American.
Be proud, give honor to the generations who built this great nation.
Follow the title link and learn more.
Peace, life, liberty, and pursue freedom ya'll.

Nobody did it better.........



Only a politician could upstage Independence Day.
Click on the title for the speech.
So now everyone knows the Palinator is stepping down.
What we don't know is the reason behind the decision.
This is not the first time Sarah has resigned a position for the "good of Alaska".
Check out the similarities from January 2004. The Juneau Empire has two good articles on the resignation also.
So while all the, left of center, do gooders are doing the happy dance and patting each other on their self righteous backs, and the right handed side of the road is weeping and pulling their hair, the rest of us should step back and think.
What's next? What will Sean Parnell do as our new governor? Will Alaska woo Sarah back? After all it's not an official resignation yet and she could change her mind.
Where will she resurface? When will Alaskans stand together for Alaska and quit the petty party politics?
Just some stuff to chew on folks. Have a great Independence Day, and please don't set anything on fire.