No parties here...............

A good friend down south sent me this video. Not too long after he retired from military service he joined an outfit known as the Patriot Guard. These folks have a great hobby. Whenever there is a military funeral in the local chapters area, they suit up, hop on their bikes, and escort the fallen soldiers procession. Then they form a silent, human wall around the ceremony. All this is in an attempt to peacefully prevent protesters from interrupting the service or harassing the participants. It seems hard to believe, to me anyways, that these services would ever be needed, but they are.
Crazy world huh?
So anyways, he sent me this video and I want to share to with my small group of followers. When your done, wipe your eyes, then try to remember how many liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans you saw. The if you have a number, please send it on down. As for me, no parties there at all just Americans. I might poke a little fun at our countrymen down south sometimes, but Georgia, ya'll got it right this time.

Thank you Ray-Ray, we will ride together again some time. Miss you Bro.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, and do it for somebody else.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this.

kodiakgriff said...

Entirely my pleasure.

Vagabonde said...

What a touching and very moving video. It is an amazing show of support and respect for this fallen hero. I live in Georgia and recognized many of the roads shown. I have some posts on Georgia like the Pickett’s Mill Civil War Battlefield Site – here is my web address http://avagabonde.blogspot.com/.

Elsie said...

My incredible, amazing and greatly loved brother is a career military officer. He leaves in a couple of months to go "somewhere" out of the country "by executive order". This really got my attention. Thanks for posting it.

kodiakgriff said...

God bless your brother and you.
Once upon a time I too had to go places that I could not name.
It was the love of my family and my faith that kept me warm and safe.

Anonymous said...