Sometimes ya get it right

Some times ya don't.
My apologies to the mighty Ishmael over at the KoKon. In hopes of shedding light and inspiring debate, I completely re-wrote history.
I thank Ish for his graciousness and the history lesson. I will admit that parts of my past are a little fuzzy. I blame that on many blows to head, followed with beer instead of aspirins. Back then I was chasing around the planet looking for bad guys and doing what the current president ordered. Things were busy and tend to get a little blurry at that pace.
President Clinton did in fact bomb parts of Iraq, but only after much consideration and patience. He did in fact investigate Iraq and terrorist ties, and did make the top ten list for presidents.
There I have eaten my well deserved slice and will move on.
Hat's off to Prez Obama for shutting down the Transportation Secretaries crazy and Orwellian tax plan. They really are looking into this "Big Brother" plan on state levels and most citizen's are in an uproar.
I am glad the prez stopped this one, but it proves that this administration bears watching. Well they all do, but when a group is this popular, then can get away with a lot before the nation wakes up. Doubt it? Think about some of the shenanigans from the past eight years.
My point is this. Do not get caught up in the wave of change. It will assume Tsunami like proportions and can destroy more than it created. Then in a typical two-party democratic attempt to fix things we will pull the handle and change the water. Thus we will create the new next wave of change, when in reality all we seem to accomplish is adding to the septic system.
That's all I got folks.
Do the right thing today, and do it for somebody else.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I'm with you Griff. When all the world is slap happy Obama crazy - I too start to worry. It's never good when too many people get rabid all at once. I'm a little tired of the collective 'Obama goggles' - he can do no wrong thing. I happen to think it takes a character flaw just to want to be president. I think people might wake up with a slight hangover in 4 years time. Patrick

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair here. People were also Bush-slap-happy and let's- invade-Iraq-without-justification happy, and let's hide-the-true-costs-of the Iraq War-happy-in-a-supplemental-budget, and let's-not-pay-too-much-attention-to-the-man-behind-the-curtain-happy. Look where it got us when the nation woke up 8 years later. They're only just mere mortals. You're correct. They all bear watching. All of them. Just make sure you're applying the SAME STANDARD to them all. Leave the cherry-picking out. I detest the actions and motives of hypocrites, in any form.

kodiakgriff said...

Excellent points bloggers!
All professional politicians bear watching, even our own local wannabes need it too.
One founding father once said, " the man who seeks office the most, deserves it the least".
Ask hard questions and demand real answers.

Anonymous said...

Jay Bartlett over at KMXT gets history lessons from Ish all the time, too I hear so you're not alone Griff!

kodiakgriff said...