Yeah baby, let's start this thing up! Six shiny new hopefuls & six new chances for change Or is it?
Sure the Tea Party has broken new ground, and both republicans and democrats are scratching their heads, and possibly other body parts.
Who woulda thunk? I mean these upstart wannabe politicos came out of no where. They had no backing from the GOP or the majority right? Well I guess they showed us huh? Is it gonna be Ross Perot all over again?
Nope, this political drive may succeed. Ole Ross did not have Sarah pitching for him. Ross did not have a nation full of folks who felt shortchanged when the change was handed out.
Change folks, remember that? The current administration sold their entire campaign on it. They promised a break from the status quo, they promised more services for less taxes, they promised a lot things and we bought into it. We lapped it up like a starving kitty on a broken milk bottle.
Well we got change alright. The deficit is swelling, the experimental financial theories of the administration are failing, republican and democrats have resorted to name calling and finger pointing. Nothing can pass the house or senate without pain-pain-painful rhetoric and slandering. The media is making billions on the show, hell, they are creating half of the show themselves. Spin doctors are trying to deflect our gaze from the people behind the curtain............
I thought we were going to break away from the status quo? Mr. Obama was going to save the day while he changed the world. America was going to shine, our children would prosper, all under the bright warm light of bipartisan politics.
Ah, the more thing change aye?
So what next? Looks like tripartisan politics to me folks.
The GOP is already pandering to the new tea party runners, rubbing their hands and shuffling their feet. It would appear that they can accept change only when it is forced down their throats.
The Dem's are circling their wagons. They are also looking over their shoulders. They too have jackals at the back door. They have a group that thinks they are not far enough left of center.
So whats left for the majority of us? Do we vote for the new status quo in hopes this wake-up call will bring us back to the American ideal of nation before self?
Maybe we should throw the dice. Maybe we should vote in all the new faces regardless of which side of extreme they are ranting from. We did it two years ago didn't we?
Face it folks, the entire world is in financial trouble and global warming affects the planet, not just America. Millions are out of work, billions are below the poverty level, and superpower nations are approaching mediocrity.
Lets put the experiment back in the "grand experiment". What qualifications did our founding fathers have? Maybe we need a fresh perspective. If it doesn't work, we can always undo it later. Yup the beauty of democracy is the eternal mulligan. With the power of the election process we change anything.
It's could be a hell of party folks. What is the cost of admission?
A conscience and a ballot.
I don't know 'bout you, but count me in.


Remembering to be grateful.

It can be hard to be grateful at times.
I am sitting here listening to replays of the news broadcasts from that day nine years ago. The day that changed our country as much as Pearl Harbor changed this nation for our ancestors.
In honor of the thousands that died, the hundreds of rescuers lost, and the families left behind; I will not pontificate on the politics of this tragedy. Instead I will remember and I will be grateful.
I will be remember that even though America was attacked, more than Americans died that day.
I will remember that it was not just Christians that died that day.
I will remember what our founding fathers sought when they bled and sacrificed to build this great nation.
I will be grateful for all the heroes who have sacrificed so much for so many, far to often.
I will be grateful for living in a nation where all opinions are respected, all faiths given the opportunity to be practiced, all people given the chance to achieve their dreams.
I will remember that the great freedoms I have, that my family has died and sacrificed for; carry a terrible price sometimes.
I will remember that God loves me, in fact God loves us all.
Today I will ponder all of this and then some. I will go fishing with friends and grill later.
Every once in a while today, I will be quiet, my eyes will blur, and I will remember.
I will pray for those lost and their families.
Lastly, I will reflect on the principals this nation was built upon.
I will thank God for all that I have.
Peace ya'll


Back in the saddle....

Wow has it really been two months already?
Hmm, been on the road a bunch. (In fact I'm sitting in Logan International right now.) In between hopping from one plane to another, the sun came out on our little island and I just sorta got lost.
I had to jump back in folks, before I lost my way altogether. Nothing big to say, but I did observe/experience a rather odd thing back here in Bean town.
Apparently the former governor of our great state is the talk of the town.
Imagine my surprise at that. I was questioned more often about the Palinator than I was about our great brown bruins.
Fortunately I had several great pics of the famous brownies rather than the quitter.
Yup, that's what I told my former neighbors back east, I told them about the quitter and opportunist known as Sarah Palin. I told them a short descriptive tale of media pandering and a unique talent for not quite finishing anything she started.
Imagine their surprise. This a place in our great nation where folks still work simply because "you gotta work". Every task started must be finished, every child must share the load in the house until they too can work. Most New Englanders cannot sit idle for long. Sleeping means six in the morning seven days a week. I know this, I was raised there.
So there I was sitting and listening to some of our elders chat about how truthful she is, how maybe she oughtta run for the big office after all.and that she comes from a state that still holds to the old values, etc, etc.
So I told them the truth; at least my perspective. That raised some eyebrows. I told them of a two time quitter, I reminded them of what the ORIGINAL tea party set out to do, I reminded them about the second tea party of the seventies. I explained that to me she was the "Jesse Ventura" of Alaska. In closing my soliloquy I taught them a new phrase; Sarah Barracuda.
That brought a chuckle.
Normally I avoid all things Palin. She has embarrassed me as an Alaskan and she ticked me off me personally. I simply could not listen to my elders and friends back east tout this media personality as the next possible coming.
So I finally spoke me piece, I finally broke my silence; and I did it where this great nation began. How could I not?
Ask hard questions folks, demand real answers.
Peace Ya'll