Summers over ?

Happy Labor Day folks. It looks like the Big Guy is granting us one beautiful weekend to get out and enjoy the Fair & Rodeo. The silvers run is pickin' up, and the Dolly Varden are fatter than the wallet of a career politician. The big bucks are still sitting up high on the hill, but if you're willing to bust your butt and beat your way through some some seriously thick alders you might just find one. Granted the big ones are scarcer than an honest congressman, but they are out there. So good hunting,(for either), if you choose.
For many this weekend means that summer is over. Pick up the croquet sets, put away the badminton gear, and hang up the summer whites. One last barbecue, one last weekend at the beach, and for some that one last long drive out to the country.
Now a lot of this doesn't really apply to those of us in the great State of Alaska, especially here at the homestead. I mean come on! This is my favorite time of year. Goat, deer, and moose season has started, not to mention Ptarmigan. The silvers are fast and furious, Dollies are fat and sassy, late season halibut is kickin' in, and oh yeah duck season is right around the corner. The added bonus is that most of the touristas have migrated back to the lesser 48. YEEEHAAA!!
However; tonight as I sit by the bonfire with a glass of Ben's finest brew, I will remember how we got here and the sacrifices that were made for so many. Many of us forget that a whole lot of Americans were injured, jailed, and even killed in the quest for laborers rights. This holiday does not just recognize the American laborer, it also honors those whose sacrifice made it all possible.
Check this out:

The irony here folks is this.
Today the government is taking over large pieces of business. The American wage is at the lowest percentage of the GOP since the forties, while American corporate profit is booming. Jobs are being out sourced and mechanized to the point where working is fast becoming a privilege rather than a right. Now, the current administrations answer is more government jobs! Is our future to be a population that works for the government, pays their taxes, only to fuel the perpetuation of a service based society? A society of cared for, content, and dependent citizens? Gosh I hope not.
More irony.
What did the Kodiak City Council do just this week? They voted to hire an outside firm to explain to the residents the pros & cons of collective bargaining. That means Union folks and the government are fixing to roll up their sleeves and start the propaganda battle. Granted, they are promising it will be an unbiased campaign. GIMME A FREAKIN' BREAK ALREADY! The city is not in favor of unionization, do they think we are so naive that we would believe that? I am fairly confident the pro-union propaganda will be biased towards their desires, so why not the city's? The honesty issues aside, why are we paying for it? 40K of our tax money is going to help the city explain why unions are bad. Now granted I am not a city resident, but I do contribute to the city's coffers on a regular basis. Shoot my contributions at the local brewery probably filled in at least a couple of potholes last year. To throw salt in the wound for us dwelling outside the city, when the mud has settled we won't even get to vote on it! That's right; an issue that will impact every resident of this island will only be voted on by a portion of the citizens. That smacks of taxation without representation doesn't it? I seem to recall night the City Mayor said ( about the Near Island Police Station), to just build the thing, because the residents don't know what they want. How did that work out madam mayor?
Lastly, the Borough Assembly decided to place a State project at the top of the capitol projects list! More jobs, good faith and a lot of horse pucky came out to justify that one folks. Never mind the schools, never mind the shelters, nope let's suck up to a state that won't even fund their own jail. Why? In the hope that a couple of new jobs will be produced? News flash folks, the construction will most likely be contracted to an off-island crew. The state will probably hire no more than a handful of new folks, or they will transfer in some off-islanders. Either way I do not foresee to many Kodiakians getting permanent employment out of this one.
Think about it.
I want to thank every single person who fought and/or died in the effort to protect the American Laborer. Have a great weekend folks, but when it's over; ask hard questions and demand real answers.
One last question.
My two typing fingers hurt like the dickens.
Yet I must ask
How long does the fox guard the hen house,
before we ask,
where the heck are the chickens?
Peace ya'll