Happy birthday folks!
That's right it's a holiday every American shares, and we share it with no other nation in the world. It does not matter what your color, creed, ethnic background, or political belief is. Shoot you don't even have to be born here to celebrate. You just gotta be a citizen.
Enjoy it folks, revel in it, take pride in a country that set the precedence for freedom world wide.
Today let's all step off our collective soapboxes, let's get off our apathetic behinds, wipe the blue or red paint off our faces and collectively thumb our noses at the rest of the planet.
That's right; screw them if they want to criticize! We live in in the greatest country there is. Millions have died and suffered to maintain and protect the truths we hold self evident! Nations world over have struggled and striven to emulate what our founding fathers accomplished.
So today; put aside the petty politics, the personal agendas, and just be an American.
Be proud, give honor to the generations who built this great nation.
Follow the title link and learn more.
Peace, life, liberty, and pursue freedom ya'll.

Nobody did it better.........

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