Just Thinkin'

I am still not sure why I started this rant. So far it has been an great avenue to "put it out there"
Truthfully, my rants are cyclic. Every four years or so I start to look at our political process. lately that has been fueled by the shenanigans of our council members.
I appreciate this new and somewhat misplaced belief that I should step into the bigger arena. however; it was not my intent to fuel a drive to put me in any office or seat.
I only want to wake up my fellow Kodiakians! We do not need to seek office to enact change or force our current and future seat seekers do the right thing. We simply need to voice our opinions, vote our conscience, and demand accountability for the actions of the people we elect. The power of this country is not in the hands of congress, nor any local assembly. It is in our hands. This country was founded by farmers, and workers, not professional politicians. The mechanism for change is still in place. What we have lost is the belief that a private citizen has a voice and can enact the changes we desire.
That said, I will leave my response to Ishmael.
Way to early for a campaign anything! Maybe later but not now.
If I choose to step up later can I use that?
My real goal is to get more folks up off their apathetic butts and ask hard questions. More importantly expect and demand real representation followed by results that reflect what the majority wants.
If you believe you can make a difference, then you will.
Keep up the good work.

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