Just Ramblin'

I haven't heard any feedback on my last rant. I figure that I have either stepped into the usual political, anti-guv diatribe that plagues this community, or I am simply stating the obvious. I like to think that I am not just spouting obvious problems. I offer one solution over and over; ACT! Take ownership in the community in which you live. Step up and voice your concerns.
Whatever; some things need to be voiced, exorcising demons is is one bonus for having a blog.
In the big arena, our candidates are dropping like flies. They are either unable or unwilling to overcome the personal and financial costs of a run at the crown; or are simply able see the reality of their plight. I envision a small group of "also ran" politico's getting out early and hoping, like a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding, to be chosen next or for the V.P. seat.
Anyways, on the local front. The eagles are returning! Lets have a parade and give our local politicos a chance to voice their environmental and conservationist ideals.
Better yet, lets just return them home; quietly and with dignity. Granted they are victims of their natural urges and man's unawareness of the world that is immediately around him. Let's not turn this into another media debacle. Just set them free. The local rags can comment later. The birds do not need another stressful event, filled with do-gooders and well wishers.
Set them free and let them be; enough harm has already been done. Any large production concerning the release is for our benefit, not theirs.
One last thing,. Has anyone gone downtown and looked for the lawsuits pending against the borough lately? It may be enlightening.
Do a good thing tomorrow.


Ishmael said...

You're right as rain again, Griff. And you're right as often as it rains, too.

How's that for a campaign slogan?
"Griff Right as Rain and Just as Often."

kodiakgriff said...

Way to early for a campaign anything! Maybe later but not now.
If I choose to step up later can I use that?
My real goal is to get more folks up off their apathetic butts and ask hard questions. More importantly expect and demand real representation followed by results that reflect what the majority wants.
If you believe you can make a difference, then you will.
Keep up the good work.

Apathy said...

I don't want to exert myself, I want you to do it for me. You run and I vote. Sounds fair to me.