My spin

It seems that my last entry has sparked some commentary.
I misnomered a part of my commentary on the current legal frivolities of our assembly.
The other litigants are not co-plaintiffs in Mr. Stephens suite. They are also plaintiffs, but in separate suites. Hence the tense discussions at the last meeting.
Their law suites are separate, but equally inane. That tidbit on the table, lets magnify it by the fact that those assembly members suing also expect us to pick up the tab for their legal costs. Are you serious?
Commentators on my last blog entry have pointed out that the records are public knowledge. They are correct. My point is simply this. Most folks will not go through the hurdles involved in obtaining that information. This is magnified by the fact that most of us are not aware that such litigation exists.
Second point: why not publish this in the local paper? Surely any litigation against the borough is newsworthy. Again the local pulp avoids being controversial.
Nuff said on that.
In response to a few other comments. I have thrown my hat in the ring. I will not say that a run at an assembly seat is not on my agenda. However; I have been active in this community on several volunteer boards. It is my desire to understand the processes that drive this community before I try to step in and help manage it. Too often people run for an office with a personal agenda, or even with no agenda, and do not understand the procedures and work that is necessary to function as an asset to the community. Listen to the meetings; how many times do board members need direction on what is allowable and what is not?
That said. I will continue to work on various boards and committees until I feel that I understand how this convoluted borough / city government works. There are plenty of folks doing the same thing.
One last answer to another comment. Active duty military are restricted in what public service they may seek. It must be non-paying and usually non-voting seats. This no longer applies to me personally, but does apply to many people who live here.
So the answer to the challenge that some of you have thrown is this.
I am grateful that you are reading my rant. I am grateful for your confidence in my ability,(although it may be misplaced).
I will retreat to my original tenet. Give back!
There are numerous service boards, fire departments, and advisory boards that continually have vacant seats. Act! Get on one. You might not think that it matters, but the assembly listens to these boards regularly, as does the mayor. Perhaps you will come to understand the processes that are involved in governing our community. Then we can grow a group of citizens that can walk into an assembly meeting, or even step onto the board with a working knowledge of what needs to be done.
Seem like a commitment? It sure is. Maybe start smaller. Try being a youth coach for the numerous seasonal activities that are around. It is an intense but short term commitment.
My experience has shown me that a few folks step up, and in doing so, become the workhorse that pulls the buggy for the entire neighborhood. Wouldn't it be better if we had a team of workhorses that pulled the load? Too often I have seen members of this community trying to close the barn door after the cows have gone. We need to be informed and fore-warned so that we can act as a preventative rather than a band-aid.
I am spent, thanks for reading.
My last question.
What have you done lately, that made this world a better place?


Bells Flats Liberal said...

You should still consider running. You could be the Hillary Clinton of our community and save our borrough!

Monashka Bay Conservative said...

Forget what BFL said, you could be the Ron Paul of our community and save our borrough.

Ishmael said...

Dare I say it: You could be the Sarah Palin of our community and bring everyone together from left and right.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

kodiakgriff said...

Wow, I could be so many things. But then again, couldn't we all?
Your faith is misplaced. There are several folks that could do the job, and they are far more qualified than me.
Perhaps we just need to find them and convince them that they can make a difference.