My heart

This week has been a roller coaster of emotional tides.
Now as I wind down,I have put my beloved on an airplane. She is off to be with her parents as they seek to persevere. My father-in-law will be undergoing cancer treatment and surgery.
Jack, I know you as a mentor, father-in-law, and I wish you well. I know, in my heart, that so many years ago you had misgivings about the new son-in-law you had acquired. I have done my best for 19 years now, and I hope I have not let you down.
K. has left on this journey, and she is still my heart and soul and is still my main concern. We understand how special she is and I know how lucky I am to have her and all that she has brought into my life.
That said; I must leave this for the world to see. Of all I have written, this is the best I will ever do. This daughter that you raised has been my boon. What more could a father ask; than that his daughter is so loved. Now as a father, I understand your worries and joys. Thank you for your wisdom and patience. Get well and stay strong.
Know in your heart, that my heart is hers. God bless you and keep you.

For K.
When I was younger I would compare our love,
to the sun with odes;
full of blazing and overwhelming tides of passion.
The years have come and passed us,
and I know.
You are not the sun, not the ocean crashing in,
filling my heart.
You are the moon, full of gentle light
softly invading the darkness of my soul,
bringing a soft luminescence that enlightens me.
Rather than the pounding and surging surf,
you are subtle lake water,
lapping, lapping,
at the shore.
Not the forceful gale to sweep clean the clutter
of my mind.
You are the cool winters breeze,
that brings new warmth to a dying fires embers,
and I glow,
waiting for passion to ignite,
at your touch.