Time to go

I appreciate the positive feed back I am receiving about my fledgling blog.
I am leaving in the morning to pick up my new old pick-up in Wasilla.
Hopefully this will be an uneventful journey filled with time visiting old friends while I am town.
After I wrap up the business part of the trip, I intend to catch up with my old friend in the big city of A-Town.
The Aces are in town and we will probably spend the night there, catching up, whooping it up, and putting the ghosts to bed.
Events as of late lend promise to a road trip. Let the highway clear my brain and exercise the demons. Because for me, the loss of a brother is painful enough, but it always raises the ghosts of the brothers gone ahead; sort of like salt in the wound, I guess. But that is my problem, my journey. Too many gone too soon. We all have our demons.
I will hold to the good memories, and tomorrow night I will celebrate the lives that were lived, rather than the loss.
The next morning the long drive to Homer will give me time to clean my soul, one more time. A quiet ferry ride will allow me to compose and contemplate. Refreshed, I will return to this beloved island and greet the day.
Vikings we were then, and vikings the remainder will be.
Good night Robin, Dave, Tim, Debbie, Kim , Corey, Dwayne, Ken, James, and Floyd.

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