What a weekend.
I got off the ferry and stepped back into my world. Fund raisers for Scott. fires in the Flats, and the memorial for Robin.
I am bone weary and heart filled.
The fund raiser for my buddy went well, although I had to miss the majority of it due to a fire out here. Huge kudos to my brothers at Womans Bay fire Dept. for responding as fast as they did. The majority of us were in town for various reasons,but they all dropped what they were doing and responded. It was a long night, but no one got hurt and the abandoned building did not spread to cause further harm.
Today's memorial for Robin Starrett was a fitting tribute to a life lived. The high school auditorium was filled. No, really , it was standing room only. The ceremony was beautiful and sincere. What amazed me most was the travelers that came to speak of their memories of Robin. Every village was represented, my fellow former colleagues flew in from all over the state to memorialize a great man. They read letters from numerous others who could not come to our beloved isle.
Later, at the reception I greeted so many old friends; come together to remember this one man, that I realized how much Robin would have smiled and thought how great it was to see us all catching up with hugs and handshakes. Later at the airport , when the heaviness of our grief was spent, we caught up again, traded stories and addresses. I like to think that; maybe, we will stay closer now.

I wrote this short sometime ago. It was my attempt to verbalize a fathers loss. I feel that it also has meaning to the loss suffered by so many in the past week.
Not Returned

A ball thrown
not returned,
hits the ground
makes a sound
as does earth
hits a grave.

Remember to treat every conversation as it is the last time you would talk to that person.

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