Just read KoKon's spin on the recent and horrific event that has led to the loss of a beloved member of our community.
I agree that this is a travesty and my heart and prayers go out to all who knew this man.
However; whereas Ishmael is correct in voicing his thoughts, there needs to be an understanding.
The KPD is not always correct. They do not always share the deep , dark secrets that entail an investigation of this magnitude.
I cannot say what happened that fateful night, most of our community cannot. if the KPD is not publishing the facts on a "play by play" basis, there is reason. Whoever did this heinous act, is still abroad.
It is easy to run with a knee jerk reaction to a crime such as this. Unfortunately the reality of this crime outweighs our personal desires. Sure we all desire an immediate solution, but the fact is it is not possible.
Chances are the assailant is either running or hiding. To much information, this early in the game, will only lead them to running further.
Let's let the KPD do their job, as immediate and brutal as the crime was, it will be diligence and patience that brings this criminal to justice.
If that sounds like I am "all about the man", then read my past rants. I stand on my original tenet.
My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of Darrell. The loss of one is a loss of many.

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