Been huntin'

Thanks to the readers of my little blog. I am starting to get some feedback. Even if I do not agree with all of it, I am happy to have it!
I left on my latest adventure to go hunting. Myself and a few colleagues went out Uganik way to put some meat in the freezer. It was a great weekend.
We cruised out and did a little hunting, told some stories, had some adventure, and returned home safe. What more could a person ask for?
I got to know some folks I knew better, and got to know a new friend. I also gained some more insight into the world and plight of our local fishermen and businessmen.
This strengthened my belief that, at some point soon, we have got to tell the feds to get out!
To often we have let the federal guv lead us down the path of believing what they say is what is good for our community. What has that led to? More boats sitting in the harbor, more deckhands looking for work or changing occupations altogether. What will happen in the long run?
Fishing is hard work, whether you are a commercial fisherman or a charter boat captain is irrelevant. Slowly the feds have imposed various regs and rationalizations that have squelched our American dream. Corporate vessels, home ported down south now control the majority of our fisheries. Every year it seems that a new segment of our local economy is held up to federal regulation and scrutiny.
Are we willing to let this go on? The legacy of proud Alaskan entrepreneurs will be watered down until Alaskans will be nothing but menial servants, grateful for what the guv and corporate America is willing to let us share in?
No! It should be the other way around. This state is full of natural resources. It is capable of supplying the entire country with food and energy. It is also capable of giving any person that is willing to take a chance and work hard, a chance to prosper and be independent.
Maybe that is what scares those professional politicians and corporate whores we have put in office. Imagine a state that was willing to say GET OFF!
Get off our back, we can manage our fisheries, our oil fields, our gas fields, our gosh darn fishing & hunting regulations.
That said.
We need to start here. Lets find the folks who will stand up and say what up? Folks who are not afraid to question; look behind the obvious, and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and in-actions. We need to be a resounding voice that bellows until, unable to bear the din of our resolution, the government must hear and heed our wants.
If this sounds altruistic, think on this. Our founding fathers overcame an overbearing and dispassionate sovereign to build a nation that was based on a simple tenet.
By the people for the people. Simple, yet powerful. If this belief is not true, then why do so many other oppressed and small countries seek to emulate it?
Have we traded security for freedom? Have we sold our beliefs because it is easier to accept the belief that we are no longer able to enact change?
Reality: today.
There are several assembly members suing the borough because of various reasons and they want us to pay for their lawyers. Tell them to go home and do not invite them back. Professional deckhands have lost their livelihood and we supposedly,cannot get that back. Let's stem the tide that seeks to pull the independence of our way of life from under us. Our community needs to focus on what will sustain our community and if the feds or any other group seeks to alter that, then we should be asking hard questions and fighting hard battles, until exhausted, we either get we we need or get the answers we deserve. No aspect of this islands economic livelihood does not die without affecting several others. We are all held accountable in the long run.
Woosh, I am spent. Thanks for letting me vent.
Do one good thing today, but not for yourself.
Thanks to Mike, Doug, Fred, & Mike. I had Reel Fun.