Happy New Year ?

Well; it's the second of January.
What have you done ? The gyms are full and weight watchers is experiencing it's usual new new membership boon, But really, what have we done?
Do you have a plan to make a positive impact on the neighborhood in which you live?
I love the community in which I am fortunate to live, but it has it's problems. I know that I cannot fix everything, but maybe I can help fix one thing.I cannot sit idle while a thing needs fixin'.
So I encourage everyone of you, (I think I am up to 2 readers now, so please spread this message).
Take the wheel! Empower yourself and enable change. It might seem altruistic, but I believe that there are very few things that we. as citizens of this great community,and country cannot solve if we put our efforts into actions.
New thought:
My buddy is home safe from his adventures in Antarctica. Kenny; God bless and fair winds on your last trip to Asia and the fulfillment of your quest. I am blessed for knowing you. I know that soon we will get together, kill some fish, and relax by the barbecue while you tell me more of your trips.
Ishmael, thank you for reading. I enjoy your blog immensely. What's up with Sandinyourface? I have appreciated Nick's diatribes for several years, but when I tried to respond to his blog, I was unable.
Fair enough to spout your opinions and observations, but ya gotta leave an avenue for response.
I am close to rambling, so I will say good night and leave ya'll with one question. Is this place any better because I woke up today and did one thing ?
Remember; it does not need to be monumental, even helping someone at the airport with their luggage makes a difference.

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