What a day !
We have been blessed with a picture postcard view out our windows to help celebrate Christmas day.
Did it howl last night or what? The highest breeze clocked at the airport was 61 knots. Reading KoKon it would seem it was fairly quiet at Ish' place. Not so out here! The snow is between 1/2" and 5 foot deep thanks to the drifts and I have a 80ft cottonwood ripped out of the ground in the backyard. Fortunately it fell away from the house. All the neighbors that thought I was crazy for cutting down all those trees last year are re-thinking the method in my madness. But being a good neighbor I have offered to help them kill any of those fickle hearted cottonwoods that stand within landing distance of their homes and shops.
So now that holiday madness is behind us and all the worries we have left is how to return the stuff that wasn't quite what we wanted, doesn't quite fit, or isn't as cool as we thought, it's time to focus on the next big event. Yup, the party of the year is near.
Have fun, revel and rejoice, but reflect.
Is this world any better this year because of something you did or were part of?
Has any person's life be positively affected because of an action you took?
Is there one less homeless dog or cat in this world because of you? (Running one over does not count).
I , for one , will not make any resolutions for the New Year. I will, instead, take at least one positive action for the greater good. Perhaps that sounds like a resolution, but for it is not. It is a direction. Many of my family and friends consider me driven; and to a certain extent I am. So come a long for the ride !
I once read that if every person in this great country of ours volunteered 1 hour once a week, then the majority, if not all, of our nations problems could be resolved.
Wow; neighbor helping neighbor. The very thing that built this nation could help repair its broken dreams? Perhaps to simplistic? I think simple is good, and usually effective.
Think about it. Respond! Let me hear your ideas!
Is This guy Ron Paul to good to be true?
Better yet is he realistic?
More to follow...............................


Ishmael said...

If I've learned one thing about trees in all my years its that you can't trust a mature cottonwood in a storm.

Do a positive deed instead of a resolution... I like it!

Merry Christmas!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Keep the trees! I find it gets much windier when there are fewer about. Check out woodland acres area sometime - the wind just screams thru there. Then go for a walk in Abercrombie - no wind in the big trees. I do not think it is an accident that after you cut a few down you had other trees blow down. Patrick

kodiakgriff said...

I love comments ! It means that someone is actually reading the drivel I spout.
Ishmael you are right, but can we get the collective populace off their collective apathetic butts to do one positive thing ?
Yes to my other commentators, I have laid low several fickle cottonwoods in my domain. However, the particular tree that we lost that night, has always stood alone and so died the same way. Perhaps a metaphor, maybe not.