A friend sent me an interesting clip from the net. Check it out.
I am grateful for a country that can overcome it's past and elect a candidate such as Barack Obama. As a child I remember the surprise when John Kennedy was elected. Listening to the adults discuss the future with him in office was enlightening. The adults of that day were not amazed that a man of Kennedy's political beliefs made the oval office. They were surprised that a catholic got voted in. Different days, different biases.
That said; president elect Obama has already boosted one small section of our economy.
Gun sales. The numbers are astonishing, some gun categories have reported a 400% increase in sales since November 2nd. Basically, in fear of losing their constitutional rights, thousands are beating down the doors of gun shops. Stocking up on weapons that they fear will be unavailable in the future.
Crazy paranoia of a bunch of gun nuts? Not likely. We've been there folks, during the Clinton administration we let our gun ownership rights be whittled away. We traded a misplaced desire for safety for the right to defend ourselves.
Did violent crime decrease? No it did not, in fact, in some areas it increased.
When the new legislation steps onto the floors of the senate and congress there will be agendas waiting to come to fruition. Do not blame the new president if you lose one of the rights our founding fathers thought so important that they made it a constitutional right.
It is the senate and congress that should truly represent our interests. this will only happen if we hold them accountable for their actions or inaction's. Our own inaction will be the tool those in office find most useful. Our apathy will provide fuel for their freight train.
Let gun control be, there are already enough laws on the books to keep honest folks honest. We don't need more laws, just enforce those already in place.
Let's focus on our nations real problems. Poverty, hunger, and education are what we, as a nation, need to fix.
Ask hard questions, demand real answers.
Peace Ya'll.