A great weekend

I had the privilege of coaching the St. Mary's Saints boys basketball team this season. The season culminates at the ACSAA tournament.
This year the tournament was intense. Every team fought hard for their place and I am grateful for the level of competition that was there.
The boys team played six games in two days, placing third out of 10 teams overall and securing a trophy. We lost our first game by one point and battled all the way back up to lose by five in the semi.
The girls team also finished 3rd overall, losing both their games in overtime!
My thanks to a team that never gave up. The Saints made their opponents pay for every inch of the court. They put the D in defense and gave 110%.
The hosts of the tourney were awesome, the players and coaches amazing. I am blessed to have have participated.
My gratitude goes out to all who made it possible. My personal gratitude goes to a team of young men that did not give up. They played until they could no longer play, overcoming injury and exhaustion.
My offensive/assistant coach, Culen, could not come over to Kenai, but his spirit and training was there. This young man was the conscience that got me to step up 3 years ago and coach this wonderful group of players. It was my last season with my son as assistant coach and I will miss that.
Thanks to Kenai Christian Church for giving us a place to stay.
Coach Dan; it was your first tourney and I pray it will not be the last. Reagan, Dorise, and Sam, thank you for all the hard work and support.
Shout out to Josh Lewis, the parents, and supporters, who in various ways made this trip possible.
As for me; well I am going to sit back and start getting ready for next season.


Kodiak Perspective said...

Great job, kids.

Paige Jennifer said...

That's awesome! I played basketball in eighth grade. My parents came to one game, the game where I tripped over my own feet and did a face plant and also the game where an opponent sat down on the ground, clutched the ball and yelled for help. My dad, an avid athlete who was once invited to try out for the Phillies, laughed so hard he almost cracked a rib.

Anyway, congrats on placing so close to the top!!!

Anonymous said...