Now you can double wrap your fish!

Just kidding folks, there is a new paper 'round town and I love it.
The journalism class at our own KHS has started /revived the school paper. Hats off to the folks at the Mirror for printing it up. Sure this new paper probably is not going to put our beloved daily out of business, but in a one paper town any addition is welcome. Judging by the content and thickness of the Friday Mirror I think the interaction with youthful journalists might have revived some of that good old journalistic giddy-up we have needed.
The next edition of the Necessity is rumored to hit the street any day now. so give the kids a buck,(that's the going rate), and help support the newest endeavor of Ms. Heitman and her crew.
I listened to the debates thanks to our own KMXT, the other night. I think they were better than the nationals, maybe because I feel more affected by the local election than the national. Still, I need to ponder some more before I mark the block on Tuesday. These may be the toughest election decisions I have ever made. It makes me wish we could add "none of the above" as an actual choice. That we could get a Mulligan and maybe some candidates of substance would step forward.
Wanna have some fun? Monday night watch one of my favorite movies. It is called Wag the Dog, and is still so relevant today it is scary. If you do watch it make sure you read all the special info at the end.
Anyways folks, I really don't care if you agree with my choices or political views. Just get out there and vote! They have made it so accommodating this time, that I anticipate taxi service next time around. Oh, wait I think that was tried before and it ended badly for the candidate that provided the rides.
Do the right thing tomorrow folks, no matter how hard it may be.