Sea Kittens

This one's for John.
Now that the political circus is winding down, I'd like to point out the latest lame attempt of one organization to alter the way we live.
That would be People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; PETA for short.
It would appear that they have recruited at least one web guru to help them start a new, insidious campaign.
Sea Kittens.
This new approach is comparing fish to the adorable kittens that so many homes have. The website offers stories, some cute, some horrifying, that try to show that fish are the same, and as loving as that fuzzy little kitten we have all had at one time.
It also is filled with medical reports showing that eating fish is not only morally wrong, but dangerously unhealthy.
Over the years, PETA has tried to convince us that eating any animal is wrong. The majority of us realize that this group is just slightly off center.
Now their approach has taken a new twist. In some lame attempt to shape future generations, they are targeting our children. I would go on, describing this web site, but you should see it for yourself to realize the potential it has.
Therefore; I offer PETA this.
Your facts are gleaned from thousands of studies that disagree with your stance. Granted, the beauty of the I-net is that you are capable of providing only the opinions that support your particular cause. I respect every individuals right to their beliefs and opinions. However; I draw the line at any attempt to recruit children in some lame hope that they will convert to your ideals.
That said.
YO PETA, put your money where your mouth is.
You want to save the planet by saving everything that breathes? Think about this.
Science has proven several times that plants respond to speech and music. Does that not insinuate a form of sentience? So the next time you're chomping down on that handful of sunflower seeds try not to choke on the hypocritical fact that you have devoured a beautiful and planet improving species.
Do you have a lawn? Do you realize that a lawn is an unnatural and hard to sustain environment for grass. Actually a lawn is the horticultural equivalent of a caged chicken farm. Never mind the horror of that mower you run across it every couple of weeks. Oh yeah, what about the thousands of species that contributed to the fuel, gas or electric, that powers that death machine.
So, now you can't or won't eat meat. If you're being just, you can't eat plants either. What's left?
Water, that's what.
Wait a minute, every drop of water is filled with living organisms from several phyla, so I guess that is out of the question also.
Here is my challenge then. Either be fair and just, thus protecting all living things, or accept your place in the food chain & accept the fact that Human Beings are omnivores.
If you choose the latter, then I won't have to worry about your whining histrionics. Should you choose the former; well then your generation will come to a slow lingering end.
BTW the next time you want to swim with the "Sea Kittens", may it be a beautiful tiger kitty. Tiger shark that is; and then you will realize your place in the food chain.
AAHH, I had me fill and run me rant.
I will explain why this one is for John later folks. Suffice to sat another great soul has moved on.
Do the right thing tomorrow, no matter how hard it is.
Peace Ya'll.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

It gets worse - I gather there are people who only eat fruit or parts of plants that have fallen off the plant. That way they do not have to kill anything.

I actually talk to my plants and brush them with my hands to help them grow. I also eat them and hunt deer, elk, goat and reindeer. Only way to truely understand and yes, I'd say love an animal or plant is to hunt or harvest it. Most PETA members do not understand deer or deer habitat - they just love the 'dewy eyes'. I say embrace your spot in the ecosystem - eat, eat, eat. Patrick

kodiakgriff said...

I could not agree more. That first group you mentioned I can understand, sort of.
At least they have chosen to be scavengers, and scavengers have a place in the food chain.
It really is, as you say, about accepting your place in the ecosystem.
I believe that as a hunter, gatherer, and farmer that a person understands and respects the resources we have been blessed with.

Kodiak Perspective said...

The Kodiak Perspective is a member of PETA, not the crazy group mentioned, but the Alaskan group: People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

kodiakgriff said...

Aren't they though?

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