A Day of Thanks

Tuesday, November 11th is Veterans day. It is also one of the few national holidays that has not been trivialized by morphing it into a 3 day weekend. It stands alone, as it should.
As a nation we have Memorial Day to honor those fallen in service to our country, in September we have Patriots day to remember those fallen on September 11, 2001. Both the victims of the attack and the public safety professionals & volunteers who gave their lives.
Veterans day is different folks, it is the chance we all have to give reverence and thanks to all who have served. This is your chance to thank a living individual who chose service above self. Take advantage of this!
Tomorrow, find a vet. Take the time to shake their hand and thank them. I am a veteran, but tomorrow I will take the time to find the vets that made my younger life safe and possible. I will thank them for that.
I am not talking about some long diatribe about why you are grateful.
Just shake their hand and say thank you. Believe me they will know what you are saying with a simple expression of thanks.
When tomorrow passes, remember that every time you stand for the national anthem, or pledge allegiance to our flag, you are fortifying the beliefs those vets chose to defend.
To defend our constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic, is the oath every one of those veterans took and lived.
'Nuff said. Take a moment tomorrow and be grateful.
Peace ya'll

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devilsclub said...

Thanks for the reminder Griff... I definitely will do my part to honor the servicemen and women I've had the privilege to get to know. I am truly grateful for all they have sacrificed.