What a great week.

I normally do not take any pleasure in another persons mistakes. However that is not the case when it comes to meteorologists and their shamanistic predictions. Over at the Devils Club and the mighty KoKon there is drooling and howling about the beautiful moon lit nights we have been experiencing. I could not agree more with their attitude.
This time of year it is the hunters moon I love, nights when a flashlight is a comfort, but not needed. The wilderness is at its most seductive beauty on nights like that. I am drawn, entranced, into the blue night of the snow reflecting the moons robust fullness.
It is no wonder that I have often compared my beautiful bride to the moon. Her beauty is the same gentle light that not only illuminates, but smooths and beautifies everything around her. I am drawn to her side, seduced over and over again, by her beauty.
Oh, but I wander. My better half is far away and I miss her. She has been down to the West Coast spending time with two of the daughters and welcoming the latest addition to our clan. Yup, as of Nov. 12th, we have a new Grandson. Korben Gabriel is his name and he is as beautiful as his mother. That brings our total grandchild count up to 4 and another is due any day now. So lets see, 4 kids, 4,(soon 5), grand kids, and we haven't even hit the big 50 yet! Maybe my family needs more hobbies.
BTW today is AMERICA RECYCLES DAY, so get out there and do it! Besides providing a great service, Rick down at threshold provides employment for a bunch of challenged folks, that might otherwise be sitting around. Did you know that two Saturdays ago the Saint Mary's Saints basketball teams had their annual Kodiak Clean up day? It is an annual event that raises money for the boys and girls teams to go to the ACSSA tournament. So about 25 kids got sponsors and in 3 hours picked up 140 bags of trash and 4 bags of recyclables for a total of 2620 lb.s of refuse. Not bad huh? Man I love those kids.
It's not to late to show your appreciation for these hard working 6,7, & 8th graders. Contact Saint Mary's school if you want to donate to the basketball traveling fund. My many thanks to all the sponsors and parents that helped out this year.
Found a great new website, if your interested in Native American history check this one out.
Summing up: Great weather, Veterans Day caught up with me old buds, new grandson, one night and one day out in the woods with the girls(our dogs).
What a great week. I am grateful.
Do the right thing ya'll, and not just for yourself.