The people have spoken!

This just in. According to our local newsfilter the borough citizens have a different opinion on the subject of paying off the triad, than the call-ins at the last assembly meeting led us to believe.
According to the latest poll, 75% of the voters do not want to pacify the whining trio with a pay off. 16.95% were in favor, and 8.05% had no opinion.
Apparently the on=line folks feel differently than the majority of the contractors, former assembly members, and career committee sitters, that called in. I cannot even fathom the logic of taxpayers telling elected officials to continue suing the borough. Maybe if they were out of work lawyers,(is there such a thing?), or hoping to create an open seat so that their chances of sliding back in increase, I could see it. Maybe the local rag can publish another poison pen letter from one of our neighborhood matriarchs and the ungrateful population of this island can get the scolding we deserve. Then , out of guilt, we would vote in a certain seat-addicted relative of hers at the next election for anything. I sometimes wonder if the inly reason they even publish those scathing letters is out of fear that they will bear the brunt of her next letter.
I realize that I might seem a little harsh, but ever since that particulars statement of "you should sue the borough" coupled with "the borough always loses" has been eating at me for a week. Following Scott's logic, the next time he runs for a seat on any board, and we all know he will, we should not vote for him. Not because of his beliefs, but simply because he also has a history of losing.
Just a thought.......
Enjoy Crab Fest folks it only comes once a year.
I have heard rumors on the KoKon of a new event next year, and it sounds like fun. Check it out. Then go to Tony's tonight and see what real writers do.