I had the pleasure of being in A-town in time to catch the last chance our Aces had in the play offs. Sadly it did not not end well for them. They played their best against the Wranglers, from Nevada, but this aggressive and physical team overcame the Aces finesse. Even though we lost, it was great game. The Aces played hard and fast, and we all left the arena knowing they did their best. I look forward to next season.
Mean while back home, it seems the borough's unholy triad secured victory. Apparently we taxpayers will be footing the bill for their attorneys after all.
I listened that night to the arguments. It seemed, at first, that the assembly was on the right track. Tom Abell tried to get one, then another resolution passed. The first was proven unnecessary and voted down. However; the second was passed.
What does this mean? There were veiled threats of future lawsuits, there was the unavoidable whining of assembly members to " put this behind us', to take the easiest way out.
Shame on an elected group of officials that seek to sue the very body they represent over a difference of opinion. Shame on the assembly members who seek to put a band-aid on a cancer.
We cannot undo the precedent that this assembly just set; this time. However; I will never check a block on any ballot that is next to the names of Abell, Stutes, or Oswalt, again.
As for the rest of the assembly; well those that sought the easier path, at our expense, you bare watching. As for the two that did not vote to "fix this", hat's off.
Assembly members that serve ten years are given certain benefits for the rest of their lives. Those benefits are more than the average Kodiakan could ever expect from their employment. If you doubt that. look at the health care insurance they walk away with.
Let's try this, next election vote for anyone but these three. If they have managed to squeak out their tenure; fine, but cut them loose before they can do any more harm. If not, then cut them loose before they find another way for us taxpayers to pay for their petty squabbles and indulgences.
I guess what I am trying to say is nothing more than to repeat an old political slogan.
Peace ya'll.
Do the right thing tomorrow; no matter how difficult it may seem.

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