Standing up

Just when I thought all was lost, two of our politicians have shown that we have hope.
My standing tenet of "doing the right thing, is not always the easy thing, but it is the always right thing", was exemplified by Mayor Jerome Selby and our governor Sarah Palin.
Mayor Selby vetoed the resolution passed by the assembly to payoff the three dissenters on the assembly. Hats off to you sir! You not only set a precedent for an elected official in your position, your act showed the public that there is still honor in politics. I listened to you interview on our local KMXT, I read the article in our Daily Mirror. This is good stuff. The triad is scared, veiled threats coupled with certain assembly members wishes to "put this behind us" are dangerously close to making us taxpayers foot the bill for their petulance.
I strongly urge the public to call in tomorrow night and voice their support of Mayor Selby's decision. By the way, why are three plaintiffs able to vote on the outcome of this decision anyway? Clearly the honorable thing to do is excuse yourself from the vote. Never mind that it is obviously meets the very definition of conflict of interest. What are you afraid of? The attorney general will prove this fact? Maybe you realize that the state supreme court will give you the legal spanking you deserve? Veiled threats of future litigation might worry some; but not this voter. If you choose to continue muddying the water, wasting time with frivolous lawsuits, and trying to browbeat the rest of the assembly into giving in, then be prepared to reap what you sow.
I urge the triad of plaintiffs to follow Selby's example and do the right thing. Save the constituency the time and tax dollars of recalling you. Resign, step down, walk away, and let this community move on to challenges we need to face.
Congratulations to the Palin family on the addition to their family. Governor Palin proved to this blogger, that she walks the talk. Knowing that Trig had a significant chance of being developmentally challenged, your family chose life. In a society where 92% of the couple faced with this choice, do not choose life, you stuck to your beliefs and proceeded to have this child.
Governor Palin, you have done a few things that I admire and respect. Your decision to keep this child and grace our planet with his presence, proves to me that you "walk the talk". It is refreshing, and heartwarming to see evidence that an elected official do not always spout rhetoric. Some actually have convictions and beliefs. I will not always agree with your gubernatorial decisions, but I will always know that you mean what you say.
God bless you and keep you as your family faces the challenges ahead.
Thats it; I have spun my spin. I go to bed tonight feeling better. There are leaders out there doing the right thing. Give them your support and your prayers.
Peace ya'll