Capitalism Shines

After viewing the clip posted on KoKon about Peak Oil ,(and it is artfully done), I decided to look into this some more. I have heard the term before and have always believed that the oil problem we are facing now is a direct result of capitalism at its worst.
I do not argue that oil is probably a finite resource, given the nature of consumption versus the rate at which our planet makes it. However; the rate of distribution by the oil companies and cartels is the driving force behind our current situation.
In my research I came across several good reads on the subject. Two really stood out, for they are polar in their theories.
The first one I read was Life After the Oil Crash is full of doomsday prophesies. However; they make sense. Given the numbers and science used throughout this article it is very believable, and a little unsettling. If you read it, click on the highlights and check out the sources.
The next gem I came across was The Myth of Peak Oil. Interesting stuff. These guys make a very believable argument for corporate and government conspiracies being the crux of the problem. Again, check out the links in the text. This article is also full of facts and science so it too is believable and a little unsettling.
Also, compare the type of things advertised on both these sites. That might give you an idea of which side of the road they walk.
Me personally, well I fall somewhere in between. As I stated earlier I do not doubt that we are consuming oil faster than the planet can replace it. However; it is the greed of a few that is causing the current situations. Face it; the majority of the major oil producing countries do not like the American Government. Whether it is an ideological disagreement, an environmental view, or an outright mistrust of a super power is irrelevant. The end result is the same.
Giving up the majority of our industrial production coupled with letting the agricultural legacy that built this country dwindle, has remade our economy into one that is overly dependent on foreign resources.
Basically if you insert parts of your anatomy into a vice, eventually someone will start cranking the handle.
That said; right now,right here; capitalism is shining. It is not the shine given from the aura of a saintly halo. It is not the shine that comes off the smiles of people when the good things happen. Rather it is the same shine that glared on the sweaty backs of thousands of workers that built railroads to expedite the growth of the land barons that generated the basis of all wealth in this country. It is the same shine that glistened on the brows of thousands of children working in the textile industry, the mining industry, and the factories that built the rest of our countries financial giants.
So next time, as you sit by the shiny chrome covered pumps at the local Quicky-Mart, and you are weighing whether to buy ice cream for the kiddies, or put gas in the car, try this.
Do not blame, war, Muslims, Venezuelans,or any other group of people. Their citizens are poorer, hungrier, and more destitute than our majority. Put the blame where it belongs. On greedy, uncaring, corporations and cartels. Then wag your finger, like a scolding parent, and give out a big SHAME ON YOU, to the governments that suck-up to these companies and have allowed this to happen.
Read, ask hard questions, and hold your elected officials accountable.
Lastly; do a good thing tomorrow, and not for yourself.