I hope that the three readers of my rant will forgive my absence. After reading the headlines and checking in at the KoKon I felt it necessary to consult my lawyer prior to any further entries. I had reason to be cautious as apparently you can now be sued over a difference of opinion or worse yet, taunting.
"This will be remembered", was that not the quote from the dubious Reed Oswalt at the last meeting? I considered that a veiled threat, and it proved true. No matter what the outcome we voters can look forward to one thing. This fall Abell and Oswalt's seats will be on the ballot. Never,ever forget that.
Is anyone going to pursue the legality of the resolution that Jerome Selby vetoed? I mean if an assembly member can introduce, vote and bully through a resolution that pays borough funds directly to them, is that not the epitome of CONFLICT of INTEREST? That lame attempt at rewriting the definition of ethical is no different than me getting on the board and voting on a resolution that makes my house tax exempt.
In case one of the triad is reading this, I'll make it simple. It is OK to put a resolution on the table, even if it benefits you personally. It is NOT Ok to vote on any resolution ,ordinance, or amendment thereof, which directly benefits you personally or financially.
If the resolution cannot be voted on due to the fact that the assembly is split, it should go to a general public vote or die on the floor.
Heres a thought, and forgive me if it sounds redundant, but I have said it before.
RECALL the entire board. Let those still interested run again and we can vote this fall on the ones we deem worthy. Now this radical approach at cleaning the kitchen will only work right if two things happen.
We ,as a neighborhood must go down to the clerks office and start filling out the recall paperwork. Then we must follow up by listening to the seat seekers this fall and VOTING. That's right if you don't vote and someone slides on in with the apathy vote, then we get what we deserve.
Thats all I have for now. Today I will be at the borough building getting information and starting the paperwork to clean up the cesspool that our assembly has become.
If this lawsuit wins out and our entire community is punished for the hurt pride of a few dissident elected officials, then we should consider a few lawsuits of our own.
1. Copy write infringement for rewriting Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.
2. Pain & suffering for being forced to listen to the triads whining and drivel over
over the past several months.
3. Fraud, after all did not the three dissenters run for office under the pretense
of "for the good of the community"?
4. Lastly, damages caused as a direct result of non-consensual sex. After all, if we
have to pay these bullies, that is what is happening to our community.
This may seem far fetched, but really, this entire sideshow has been from the beginning.
Stay strong Chris,Pat,Sue, and Jerome, you are on the right path. While you walk that path, do us a favor. When you come across Jerrol sitting on that fence, either pull him onto the right path of knock him over to the other side where he belongs.


Ishmael said...

Have you seen the complaint?

E-mail me your e-mail address and I'll send the pdf to you.

You can find my addy in my profile.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting to recall...I'll sign. This farkers have pissed me off.

Paige Jennifer said...

The specifics of this scenario are clearly over my head and beyond my grasp. But, it all sounds like typical political bullsh*t.

To you and the rest of the locals choosing to speak up instead of going the apathetic route, I say this: Go get 'em, tiger! (double snap included)

Anonymous said...


The situation and what it amounts to, I feel at this time and point, is to move on and forward.

Bingo deBuzzword

kodiakgriff said...

I love feedback!
To me if elected officials move forward towards a goal that is detrimental to the very constituency that put them there, then it is time to move forward and limit their ability to damage our neighborhoods trust and funds.
Let the people decide. However; the people must get off their collective butts and make this happen.
What the majority decides; whether through popular vote or apathetic inaction, it is irrelevant to the problem. It is the majority that decides the flow of a democratic society.
It is our strength and our weakness. If only a handful of voters are making decisions, then the non-voters are equally making that decision.
Stand up! Let your voice be heard, or be part of the herd that is left to deal with the outcome.
I would say to the voters the same as I have been voicing to the triad; reap what you sow.
To quote one of my favorite sayings; All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
Think about it................
Peace ya'll

mpfeffer said...

Have you investigated the recall process? Unfortunately, Oswalt and Abel can't be recalled because of the amount of time remaining before their terms are up. Stutes can be booted, though. The application appears to be pretty simple, but the recall petition will need to be signed by 25% of the number of votes cast for that office. It looks like 2105 votes were cast, so the petition would require 527 signatures. I'll sign, who else is with me?

kodiakgriff said...

I am starting to see a trend here. Spread the word! Wouldn't it be great if, at the next meeting, someone could present the petition with more votes than the original 2105?
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...