Whatta YOU gonna DO?

I've been hearing some interesting rumors. It seems a certain assembly member is quietly urging some folks to start a call-in campaign.
If you are unhappy with the assembly's decision to "put this behind us" or "take the easiest solution, by paying the attorney fees for Abell, Oswalt, and Stutes; then act.
If you agree with the fact that this was nothing short of extortion, then act!
Next Thursday night at 730pm the borough assembly will meet and broadcast. I strongly urge every citizen to set aside time for this one. Go to the meeting or stand by the phone, but be ready to act. When the time for public comments comes up step up to the microphone or start dialing. Jam up that pathetic one line communication hurdle with protest! Demand for the assembly to set yet another precedent and rescind last meetings lame decision to pay off the three dissenters.
It just might work. Near Island, the Post Office, and Island Lake have all proved that if the citizens stand up and fight for what they want, then the responsible members and even the pension seeking, time wasters, will listen and act accordingly.
Wanna have some fun? If you go to the meeting, wear a black armband and start your comment with "shame on you".
There are other options. We could get an assembly member to make a motion that allows the borough to make small incremental payments. Say;5 dollars a year, that if not collected within 5 days of the new fiscal year, is forfeit. Or better yet, it will be presented at the first assembly meeting of the fiscal year. That way we will be reminded of their treachery.
Another option would be a small scale tax revolt. How about nobody pays their dumpster fees until the assembly rescinds the decision to pay off the triad?
At a time when the school board is looking at major budget cuts and the average citizen cringes at the gas pump, fourteen thousand dollars of our money should not be squandered to placate a bunch of cry-babies; simply because it is the easiest thing to do.
Enough about my thoughts.
Check out this Rogue Wave. Although he is on another assembly, his voice is well known in the "letters" section of the Mirror, and now he jumps head first into blogdom.

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