Last weekend

Isn't it great that spring has sprung? The weather was good and we got a lot done.
I was able to start the annual yard clean-up. The family spent Saturday prepping the St. Mary's booth for Crab Fest; along with several other volunteers.
Over the past week I noticed many volunteers doing the same for their respective booths.
Hat's off to all the volunteers taking the time to make this Crab Fest an event to remember! In a time when so many are just trying to get by, it is heartwarming to see how many folks realize that labor can offset monetary donations.
I did get a chance to swing by the Rookery for it's grand opening. Great place! Local art and an open, airy atmosphere really made it a nice experience. We were able to purchase a beautiful basket at a very reasonable price,; a gift for someone near and dear that is departing our island.
That said; Crab Fest tends to bring out the best in this community. Why not carry that desire to volunteer and get things done? Remember the feeling of accomplishment when you are done and seek to find it in a new endeavor. If we continue this desire to volunteer this community could resolve a lot of its problems.
Maybe if we carried the same desire to accomplish community activism as the four new Eagle Scouts did, honored on Sunday, we could fix many of our neighborhoods problems.
Just a thought.
Enjoy the weather, enjoy Crab Fest. If you want to experience Kodiak's finest poets, make sure you attend the event at Tony's Thurs. night.
Thats my rant, I am spent.
Peace ya'll


Paige Jennifer said...

Between you and Ish, I'm seriously bummed I'm too far away to attend Crab Fest (sigh).

I love me a big city - bustling streets and cluttered sidewalks. I enjoy the vibrancy of the people and the expansive presence of the arts. But things like Crab Fest and July 4th fireworks are always best in small waterside towns.

kodiakgriff said...

Well said.
I too love the bustle of the city.
However, I need it in small doses.
Perhaps thats the reason I live on an island.