Spinning down

The adrenaline rush is waning as I type.
I spent the afternoon at the Elks lodge watching, what I thought improbable, happen. The giants, overcame and became giant killers. Whereas I was disappointed that my home team did not re-write history, I was glad to see the underdog prevail. Talk about mixed emotions.
Hat's off to Tom Petty and the Heart breakers! I expected some hyped up glitz filled with greatest hits medleys. I was happy to see that they treated this event as another show and put out a short concert style performance that reminded us all what consummate musicians they are.
The Elks, Rotary, and our own KFL put on an amazing spread, and an excellent presentation of the game. It was my first visit to this event and it will not be my last.
That said: lets gear up for the next super event. Super Tuesday looms in our future. Which king/queen of sound bytes will prevail? I, for one, could never choose Hillary as our next. However; as far as the Dem's go, she at least occasionally says something with weight. She has beliefs, misplaced at times, but hard beliefs. She is facing an opponent that I would never choose for office. Obama speaks in metaphors. So much so that as he is winning the edge in the media wars, and he is doing so with out actually saying anything.
On the other side of the house, it is a crap shoot. I would choose the man with a record of building cross party bridges. A hero, because we need a hero right about now. This is a man who has overcome great odds, never wavered in his beliefs, and still understands that compromise, although a bitter pill, is necessary for the good of our nation. Right now McCain is the man for me. I would love to see a McCain/Paul ticket. I think that team might stir things up a bit, and I believe that is what this country and government needs.
Do not misunderstand this rant. I still believe that the best people suited for the oval office are not running. I simply offer my spin on the lesser of evils.
After all, isn't that what the past several elections have boiled down to? Not the best person available for the job, just the best choice on the ballot. Sad, but true.

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