I am back to our wonderful little isle. We were down in L.A. for baby girls wedding.
The trip was an adventure, but I will go into that part of my journey later.
I was blessed to partake in my daughters wedding this past weekend, and while my fellow Kodiakians were being belabored by another winter storm, I was sucking up sunshine down south.
I will admit that I believed that by arriving late onto the scene I would escape the majority of the pre-wedding stress we all have heard about or experienced.
Wrong! My son and I hit the ground running. Fittings for suits, rehearsals, last minute arrangements and details all made me understand why folks drink so much at the reception.
It is a mixture of joy and relief. Joy in the union of two souls and relief that it is over combine into an adrenaline down spin that can only be celebrated with music, dancing, and one hell of a party.
I am happy to see that my daughter is part of a new family. I am doubly glad to know that the rest of our family is now part of that family also. This was not an experience of giving up a daughter for me. It was truly a joining of two families and I look forward to seeing them all again.
We all know that a marriage strengthens the love of two people. However; we can forget that the ceremony strengthens the families and the community that surrounds the couple. I spent the weekend in a place I have never been, but I was never apprehensive. How could I be? I was surrounded by people so full of love that no worry could overcome my joy. Three days submersed in so much happiness and understanding cleansed my jaded soul. No baby cried without being scooped up in the arms of a family member, no person stressed without being consoled. It was a weekend of introductions and joy.
To some this may seem like I met some California cult. It was not so. It was a time I was blessed to spend with honest hard working, family oriented, caring souls. They showed me that I do not have to live on an island in Alaska to know good people.
Thank you to all I met. I am better for having met you.
K. & J. made this possible, their love truly washed over onto so many, and changed their lives.
I never would have believed that I would look forward to seeing California again, but now I do.
I wane sentimental this rant, but it was a magical weekend. The folks I was fortunate to meet, and get to know, strengthened my beliefs.
Do the right thing, do a good thing, no matter how challenging, it will always be the right thing.
Do a good thing tomorrow.