What a day. Ground Hog day has come & gone.
Sure old Pete saw his shadow, but it is irrelevant to Alaska. Six more weeks of winter? Paleeze! We all know that only six more weeks would be a blessing. Imagine spring time in March, birds singing, children playing under warm, gentle sunshine. Oops, I digress,, besides if it was like that on our beloved rock, then everyone would move here.
'Nuff on that.
It is super week! Today is the super bowl. The most heavily gambled event in the sports year. The wire is abuzz with stats and predictions. Another aging, rehab graduate, gets a shot at showing the new generation who he used to be (I'm talking about the halftime show). You want to have some real fun? Let's put Tom Petty in the announcers booth for the game and see what happens. Does anyone remember Dennis Miller's short tour on Monday Night Football? To bad neither party was ready for the other, that was an interesting dynamic.
About the time the majority of our country sobers up we will slide right into Super Tuesday! Another media debacle, fueled by private interests; only the consequences of this sideshow will affect us far more than who walks off today with the trophy.
The trophy these power seekers are after will determine the fate of our nation for several years. Although I personally feel the prez is more figurehead and spokes person, (or should be), if democracy is run right. The power is/should be in the hands of congress and the senate, period. No more Caesars. We tell the hill what we want, they tell the Prez, the Prez kicks it around, goes back to the hill with a plan, they approve or disapprove according to our wishes.
Oops, stepped into a fantasy that is less likely to happen than that springtime in March thing, I started off with.
Back on track.
Listen to what the candidates are saying. Not what they are speaking, but what they are actually saying. Check their past, follow their dollars. Find out who they really work for. Do not let the media convince you that all the stars have lined up and now cast their gentle, beautiful light one particular candidate.
The caucuses were a good design in the beginning, but have been perverted into a tool that prevents any person who has not given into the two-party, outdated design of our nation; from having a say in the candidates progression towards the crown.
The minority will cull the herd of potentials and present two shiny prospects for our future. The also-rans and corporations will throw all their support into them , and any hope for a third party candidate will be smothered and steam rolled by war chests bulging with questionable funds. Ever look at how many major corporations donate to both parties or more than one candidate? I believe that is called hedging your bets.
Think about it and have a super week.

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