15 Minutes

Well I made it back intact from my whirlwind tour of Los Angleez. Three days of; we got to get there, go here, and the unavoidable; how do we get there? Apparently the stereo typical Cally laid back lifestyle does not wash over onto the freeways. That experience can be as intense as your first run at Daytona or a stifling and frustrating as waiting in line at the supermarket “express” line.
I would liken the traffic to waiting in line at the latest Disney attraction, except when I got to front of the line; all I got was the opportunity to get in another line. Granted I could choose the soundtrack to my turtle race, but that was the only benefit.
Next challenge: Ask a Los Angelo for directions. Bare in mind I’m I guy who grew up in the, “you can’t get there from here” part of the world, so the friendly and detailed directions I received overjoyed me. However apparently, no matter where you are and where that is in relation to the place you are going, it will only take 15 minutes to get there. Maybe this was optimism, or perhaps some left over automatic response from some tribal memory. An ingrained answer based on the days when L.A. was less congested, and mom & dad had only one car in the driveway.
Perhaps it is a clever ploy to try and convince out-of-towner's that everything is so close and simple to get to they should move to this Mecca of autodrone and add to the emigrational influx that created the problem to begin with. Then once the republics tax base is secure, Guv Ahhnold can release several thousand more of his constituents with the instructions to head north by northeast and buy up property, creating little California-ish burgs and driving the locals out. All the while convincing state delegates the Ahhnold really is a republican and progressive. The fact that his wife is a prestigious Dem is irrelevant. We should re-write the constitution so that he can save the world, just like on T.V.
OOPS; slid right into that rant thing again. I am probably just another guy who has lived on an island for far too long. But then again...
Think about this, a few generations ago no one believed a catholic would ever be president. The next generation put former entertainers in congress, and in the oval office.
There has already been one feeble attempt to re-write the constitution, so that a foreign born born national can make a run at the crown. That time it was stymied. However; I got a feeling it will raise it's head again. Watch carefully my fellow constituents. It may appear as a rider on another bill and so, just sneak on through like a barn cat seeking warmth in the house on a winters night.
What’s next?
Piece by piece we have sold our economy to foreign markets and traded our American dream for the ease of a sound-byte laden and corporate driven government. Just add another 30 or so channels to the tube so we can sit on our apathetic butts and watch the great revolutionary dream of America be plea-bargained into a one world conglomerate that has no beliefs and no soul.
If my parents thought they faced difficult electoral decisions in the 60’s and 70’s it is only because they could not possibly imagine that the decisions we have faced over the past several elections were even possible. They did have an advantage, they read, discussed the issues, and asked hard questions.
We too have that; we just need to use it. Maybe that will be your one good thing today, asking the hard questions.
It’s up to you.