Thanks to the weather lately, I have been able to shift out of 4-wheel drive. That is until I get to the former stoplight and the "Y" in the center of town.
What happened there? I see massively lifted 4X4's dodging prestigious potholes and traffic crawling around the frame altering terrain of what should be a relatively flat surface.
Once again our city management let a state funded off-island contractor slide by with substandard work.
I have heard from the city that the new lines were installed above the frost line. At what point did our local inspectors decide that they did not need to monitor and approve this work?
Sure a local contractor stepped in to "save the day" by applying asphalt in the areas that the state funded contractor did not. However; that pavement is failing rapidly. Perhaps the good will of the interceding local contractor should be tempered with with the fact the the asphalt applied was already deemed unacceptable by the state inspectors at a different project.
So what are we left to deal with?
This; poor work at a premium price. There are now lawsuits pending and local officials back pedaling. Where were our local inspectors and the city manager when the original work was accomplished?
Granted we cannot hold hired help directly accountable for their shortcomings and apathetic mentality. We can hold the elected officials whom they answer to accountable. In other words, if the elected assembly members do not hold our public officials accountable, then perhaps we should consider their accountability and their place on the assemblies.
Both assemblies should be addressing this issue, as it affects all residents of this island.
Maybe it is time to really consider unification of the city and borough government. Maybe then we could limit this blame game to the folks that could have made a difference.
Just a thought.
Read, ask hard questions and expect real answers, that will be what makes this island a government for the people.
Lastly: do a good thing tomorrow, and not for yourself.

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